CENO Waterproof Slip Ring ECN000-03P-IP68


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CENO Waterproof Slip Ring ECN000-03P-IP68 - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN000-03P-IP68 Waterproof Slip Ring This is waterproof slip ring for marine drilling platform.IP protection grade is IP68,it can work under water 300 meters.it has two waterproof plug and it is equipped with metal dust cover.housing material is stainless steel 316. The waterproof slip ring is specially developed for underwater and various harsh environment,it can work under water up to 1000m and load -bearing ,high temperature resistance,anti-corrosion,the protection grade IP65-IP68 is optional. Protection grade up to IP68 May under water 1000m High temperature resistance,anti-corrosion Load-bearing Marine drilling platform Filling machine Seaport machinery Oil well Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material precious metals Operating temperature Housing material Dielectric strength Circuit number Integrate various signal Current rating IP protection grade Electrical noise Outline Drawing

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