CENO USB slip ring ACN-30S-01EG-01UB-01HD-01R


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CENO USB slip ring ACN-30S-01EG-01UB-01HD-01R - 1

ACN-30S-01EG-01UB-01 HD-01 R USB Slip Ring USB slip ring specially designed to transmit USB1.0/USB2.0 signals with advantage of reliable transmitting,no packet loss,no string code,low return loss, low insertion loss. USB slip ring solve the problem of large capacity data signal transmission between system components rotating connection, and provides the best technical solutions. Features ♦ Integrate USB,Ethernet, HD,RF ♦ Improved signal -to- noise ratio ♦ Comply with EMC Applications ♦ Testing equipment ♦ Motion simulator Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ USB signal specification ♦ Current rating ♦ Signal type Outline Drawing Stator side Ftotor side ^?Orrnn bending radius

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