CENO Two half Separate Slip Ring SCN360-05P-01S


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SLIP RING CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd SCN360-05P-01S Separate Slip Ring This two half style slip rings have 360mm through hole size,combine five power lines which support current with above 40Amp on each line and signal line. Carbon brush technology is applied in this design.Easy maintenance, long lifespan and simple mouting are the advantage of this type slip rings. Features ♦ Stator and rotor separate from each other ♦ Transmit power,combination of weak signals ♦ Optional stator connecting way and shape Applications ♦ LED packing equipment ♦ Entertainment ♦ Semiconductor packing equipment Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Lead wire length ♦ Operating speed Outline Drawing Rotor part Short Mount ator wire

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