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ECN025-15P3 Through hole Slip Ring Through hole slip rings are widely used in military equipment, industrial automation equipment,the inner hole can be from 5mm to 1000mm, and the wires can be up to 200mm,transfer power and different signal, including very high speed data.this model ECN025-15P3 is popular to auto-wrap machine,antenna,amusement and soon.Many of the slip rings we produce are customized.Welcome to visit our company WWW.CENO360.COM Features ♦ Support power and signal transmitting ♦ Low friction ♦ High reliability, long life Applications ♦ Medical treatment equipment ♦ Amusement,construction engineering ♦ ot arm Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Current rating ♦ IP protection grade ♦ Wiring way ♦ Signal type Outline Drawing rotor side stators-.de I\ Aluminum co lar rang with 4sels screws for shaft mount

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