CENO Through bore 30mm slipring assembly ECN030-01P2


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN030-01P2 Through bore slip ring This through bore slip ring with 10 Amps Circuits,including air plug socket on both sides.This ECN03001P2 slip ring with through bore size 30 mm, it can combine with power.signal.Ethernet, USB,Control Net.CANBUS. PROFIBUS. It’s normally used for packaging machine,wind power generation,medical machine,food industry.Generally used to transmit electrical currents, signals or data, pneumatic, and hydraulics from a stationary to a rotating platform. Transmission between the stator and rotor units is extremely reliable using sliding contacts. The design is modular and offers maximum flexibility in a wide range of applications.CENO slip rings with compact size, stable electrical and signal performance, low friction and torque, thicker precious metal plate, longer life.Can be apply for automatic machines which require rotating transfer electric/signal/gas/liquid, solve wire winding problems. Advantages  Air plug socket on both sides  Temperature -34 /+80°C  Shaft-mounted  Inner bore 30mm Applications  Food industry  Industry equipment  Packaging machine  Wind power Circuits & Current Voltage Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material Housing material IP protection grade Through hole size Working temperature Optional  Through hole size  Current & ring numbers  Signal type  IP protection grade Picture Outline Drawing

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