CENO Thermocouple slip ring ECN060-12S


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ECN060-12S Through Hole Slip Ring Slip rings are electromechanical devices that permit the transmission of power or electrical signals between stationary and rotating structures or equipment. These devices are used in electromechanical systems that require continuous rotation while transmitting power/signals and can improve performance, simplify operation, and eliminate potentially dangerous wires that might otherwise protrude from movable joints. Applications ♦ Radar antenna ♦ Construction engineering ♦ Package equipment ♦ Lithium battery equipment Optional ♦ Through hole size ♦ Circuit number ♦ Current rating ♦ Installation way ♦ IP protection grade Features ♦ Center hole is easy to install,as well as integrate hydraulic,pneumatic,fiber optical,RF rotary joint ♦ Low friction, long life,low torque, smooth rotation ♦ Transmit data and analog signal,compatible with data bus protocol

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