CENO slip ring for automatic rotary table QCN0208-72P


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QCN0208-72P Air Rotary Union A rotary union is a device used to transfer fluid under pressure or vacuum from a stationary inlet to a rotating outlet. Here is an integrated rotary joint for rotary table application, power channels integrate air channels. there are two air channels for compressed air and vacuum, the air max pressure support 8MPa,housing material is aluminum alloy. Features ♦ Integrate current and gas-liquid rotating joint ♦ Transmit high pressure water,gas, hot oil,steam at the same time when 360°unrestricted rotation ♦ Standard interface has G1/8, G3/8mm ,various gas pipe Applications ♦ Rotary table ♦ Automation equipment ♦ Laser equipment ♦ Coating machine Optional ♦ Air-liquid rotary joint size ♦ Circuit number ♦ Air channel number ♦ IP protection grade

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