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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd SCN06A Separate Slip Ring Separate Slip Ring also called a rotary electrical interface,commutator,collector,swivel or an electrical rotary joint. it can improve electromechanically capability,simplify system design,eliminate possible damage while rotation. it is the key apparatus of various precision rotary workable,electric instrument,manufacture and process control instrument. The model SCN06A separate slip ring is a standard off -the-shelf unit that uses gold contacts at the rotary interface. 28AWG Teflon lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplifying electrical connections. Stator and rotor separate from each other Transmit power,combination of weak signals Less noise,low torque LED demonstration Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Semiconductor packing equipment Circuit number Lead wire length Operating speed Electrical noise Dielectric strength Insulation resistance ≥100 VAC @50Hz, between each circuit 500MΩ@500VDC Lead Wire size Lead wire length Operating speed Contact material Operating temperature Outline Drawing

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