CENO RF Slip Ring ACN25-56A-04P1-40P-02RF


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CENO RF Slip Ring ACN25-56A-04P1-40P-02RF - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,LtdACN25-56A-04P1-40P-02RF RF Slip Ring This is compact size capsule slip ring, it integrates 2 circuits RF signal,with RG178 coaxial cable. RF high frequency/microwave coaxial rotary joint is used in the 360° continuous rotation devices to transfer DC~80GHz high frequency signals. Application for satellite Antenna,vehicle,radar,Microwave antenna test etc Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Current rating ♦ Lead wire length ♦ IP protection grade Applications ♦ Radar antenna ♦ Wind turbine equipment ♦ Robot arm ♦ Instrument Features ♦ Compact size ♦ Lownoise,lowtorque,smooth rotation ♦ Power integrate RF signal Electrical noise Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material Frequency range Stator Side Stator Wires

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