CENO Power slip ring with fiber optic channel ECN000-09P2-12S-01EG-01F


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CENO Power slip ring with fiber optic channel ECN000-09P2-12S-01EG-01F - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN000-09P2-12S-01EG-01F Multi-Channel Slip Ring It’s a Multi-Channel slip ring with 9 *10A,8*signal,2*RS422,1*Cat6e & 1*Fiber Optical.Small size,light weight,convenient to integrate with power slip ring.Transmit signal via fiber optic,no disclose,no EMI ,stable transmission.It’s apply to single mode ,multi mode also can be achieved if customer needed.Contact materials is Gold-gold.Typical application including Radar system,Marine industrial equipment,Medical equipment. Optional ♦ Through hole size ♦ Current rating ♦ Signal type ♦ IP protection grade Features Applications ♦ No package loss,no cross ♦ Motion simulator talk,low loss ♦ Large engineering equipment ♦ Low friction, long life,low torque, ♦ Automation equipment smooth rotation ♦ Anti-rotation tab for fixing stator side ,easy to install Electrical noise Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material Housing material Aluminium alloy sandblasted black oxide Outline Drawing Rotor side Rotor wire Stator wire

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