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SLIP RING CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd PSCN025-02P2-02S Pancake Slip Ring Separate pancake slip ring belongs to pancake series slip ring.Its outline is different from the integrated pancake slip ring due to the separate structure.It is usually to be required on certain installation space which has no more height room,but normally the the rotation speed is not too fast,like lower than 100RPM.However,CENO also designed some type of separate slip ring for some high speed what higher than 100RPM. Features ♦ Extremely thin,save space ♦ Separate rotor and stator ♦ Could be used in low temperature environment ♦ Reliable contact between brush and ring Applications ♦ Military equipment ♦ Rail system ♦ Moving medium system Optional ♦ Signal type ♦ Installation way ♦ Current rating Outline Drawing Brush ^hrqpngl

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