CENO Large Size Waterproof Slip Ring IP68 ECN127-06S


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CENO Large Size Waterproof Slip Ring IP68 ECN127-06S - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN127-06S Large Size Waterproof Slip Ring Big size slip-ring is named for its large size. It gets big through hole size and high protection level, is generally used in larger equipment and systems. The system can be fitted directly to the center of the rotation,to resolve the transmission problem of current and signal. This kind of large size slip ring with high protection grade is widely used in sewage treatment, large material transfer equipment and other systems. Protection grade up to IP68 Military green Appearance,anticorrosion Load-bearing Automation equipment Foodstuff processing machinery Filling machine Drilling platform Circuit number Current rating IP protection grade Signal type Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material Precious metal Operating temperature Through bore size Protection grade Outline Drawing

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