CENO IP66 Slip ring with fiber optic signal ECN000-02P-04S-02F-IP66


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CENO IP66 Slip ring with fiber optic signal  ECN000-02P-04S-02F-IP66 - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN000-02P-04S-02F-IP66 Power/Signal + Fiber Optic rotary joint It’s a integrated slip ring with power/signal and 2 channels of fiber optic . Fiber optic rotary joint provides the best solution for the data transmitting for rotary connections systems.It is suitable for application which needs transmitting large data or signals from static device to rotary position when continuous or intermittent rotating. Relying on CENO's strong R&D ability and experienced engineering team,more and more fiber optic rotary joint model are coming out. Features  Power,signal and fiber optic are mixed  Long service life  Maintenance-free ECN000-02P-04S-02F-IP66 Applications  Medical equipment  Wind power equipment  Test equipment  Turntable equipment Specification Electrical noise Operating speed Contact material Housing material Aluminium alloy +stainless steel Fiber channel Fiber mode Optional  Through hole size  Current rating  Signal type  IP protection grade Wave length Connector type Outline drawing

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