CENO IP65 Capsule Slip Ring ACN22A-04P3


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CENO IP65 Capsule Slip Ring ACN22A-04P3 - 1

ACN22A-04P3 Capsule Slip Ring This is CENO capsule slip ring with IP65 ,high IP protection grade,low torque smooth rotation. its outer diameter is 22mm compact design with precious metals contact material, it is used for wood working machine. CENO design and manufacture perfect capsule slip rings and provide rotary solutions for your system. Features ♦ Continuous transmission of signal or data under 360° unrestrained rotation ♦ Less noise, long life ♦ Low torque, smooth rotation Applications ♦ Wood working machine ♦ Automatic arm ♦ Production line Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Lead wire length ♦ Operating speed ♦ IP protection grade Outline Drawing Rotor Side Stator Side S42±0-I Bottom sealing

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