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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN000-09P-12S Waterproof slip ring ECN000-09P-12S is a solid through hole, 21 wires slip ring, with waterproof grade IP55 design. the whole body use aluminium alloy material & RAL 9010, more durable than engineering plastic material. Transmission power combine with signal, signal type is Ethernet, also can integrate 1000M Ethernet we are professional on shielding technology, anti-interference for line to line.We not only provide products, but also provide solutions! According to different requirements of customers for electrical, signal, data, gas and liquid rotary connection, as well as different power parameter requirements, we provide the best solution to save your time and cost. Features  Ethernet signals & power  IP55 waterproof structure  Stable transmission  No package loss Applications  Food industry  Offshore equipment  Oil well & crane  Medical equipment Circuits Voltage Electrical noise Optional  Through hole size  Current rating  Various signal type  IP protection grade Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material Housing material IP protection grade Through hole size Outline Drawing

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