CENO Hybrid signal slip ring USB Ethernet ECN038-27P-15S-08EG-02U2


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CENO Hybrid signal slip ring USB Ethernet ECN038-27P-15S-08EG-02U2 - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN038-27P-15S-08EG-02U2 Customized slip ring USB slip ring solve the problem of large capacity data signal transmission between system components rotating connection, and provides the best technical solutions.CENO can integrate various of signals and different current rating in one slip ring . ECN038-27P-15S-08EG-02U2A is one integrate current ,RS232, 1000M Ethernet signal ,USB2.0. Also can provide such kind of through bore slip ring with inner bore from 3mm to 980mm.USB signal provides convenient interactive port for all kinds of communication equipment, so USB2.0 conductive slip ring has been widely used in all kinds of communication systems.Please contact with CENO if you have any special requirements about slip ring. Features  Transmit USB2.0 signal  Support 1000M Ethernet  Combine signal & power  Stable transmission Applications  Process control equipment  Motion simulator  Automation equipment  Wrapping machinery ECN038-27P-15S-08EG-02U2 Specification 16*10A,3*2A,2*1A,6*5A,11*signal,1*RS Circuits & Current 232,8*1000M Ethernet ,2*USB2.0 Voltage 0~220VAC/VDC ≥1000V@50Hz (power) Dielectric strength ≥300V@50Hz (signal) ≥500MΩ@500VDC (power) Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ@100VDC (signal) Electrical noise ≤30mΩ (50 rpm) Operating speed Contact material Housing material IP grade Inner hole size Optional  Through hole size  Current & ring numbers  Signal type  IP protection grade Picture 0-300 rpm Precious metal Aluminum alloy IP54 38.1mm Outline Drawing

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