CENO High speed rotary joint 1500RPM ECN025-06S


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN025-06S High speed slip ring High speed slip ring mean it could rotating speed at lease 1000rpm. It mainly be used in high speed train,Nondestructive testing equipment,Eddy current testing equipment and so on.ECN025-06S is a high speed slip ring with 1500 rpm working speed ,it’s also called through bore slip ring,the inner bore can be customized ,CENO Max inner bore can reach up to 980mm .CENO adopts the advanced technology to ensure high concentricity for high speed slip ring,adopts special technology in the structure between the stator and rotor for ensuring the slip ring performance stably during it rotating under high speed. Features  Power transmission stably  Low torque,low loss  High speed 1500 rpm  Light weight ECN025-06S Applications  Automation equipment  Inspection instrument  High-speed train  Aviation aircraft Specification Circuits & Current Voltage Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material Housing material IP grade Inner hole size Working temperature Electrical noise Optional  Through hole size  Current & ring numbers  Signal type  IP protection grade 0-1500 rpm Precious metal Aluminum alloy IP51 25.4 mm -20°C ~ +60°C Outline Drawing

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