CENO High definition Slip Ring ECN000-02P1-02P2-02P-30S-HD


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CENO High definition Slip Ring ECN000-02P1-02P2-02P-30S-HD - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,LtdECN000-02P1-02P2-02P-30S-HD HDMI High definition Slip Ring The high definition slip ring includes SDI high resolution and HDMI, which transmits electrical signals ,video signals and high-speed digital signals to meet EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) requirements. CENO’S HD slip ring adopts domestic leading military technology, it has the advantages on transmission stability, attenuation loss of signal and ultra-low transmission fluctuation. Features ♦ Up to 2K @90hz video standard, no flash screen and no frame loss ♦ More than HDM & SDI signal type ♦ Low contact resistance,compact appearance,low torque,reliable operation Applications ♦ HD security monitor, VR application ♦ Infrared photography, HD pan-tilt ♦ Electric crane, radar communication equipment Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ HDM size ♦ Current rating ♦ Various signal type

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