CENO High Current Slip Ring BHCN-C-11P-57S


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd BHCN-C-11P-57S High Current Slip Ring High current slip ring,means 250A,500A,600A ,800A ,1500A,3000A and other specifications,different current specifications are applicable to a variety of different sizes and power plating equipment with easy installation and large load flow. This kind of slip ring has been widely used in Marine cranes, drilling platform cranes, Marine thrusters and other fields. Safely current carrying capacity Long lifespan,easy maintenance High protection,good weather resistance Various signal type could be integrated Marine crane Alternators,motors Marine thrusters Circuit number Current size Protection grade Signal type Electrical noise Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Contact material Copper graphite Operating speed Precious metal,goldplated Operating temperature Outline Drawing

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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

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