CENO Fiber Optic Rotary Joint ECN000-01S-01F


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,LtdECN000-01S-01F Fiber Optic Rotary Joint High speed slip ring's rotating speed at lease is 1000RPM. It mainly be used in high speed train,nondestructive testing equipment,eddy current testing equipment and so on. CENO adopts the advanced and special technology in the structure between the stator and rotor for ensuring the slip ring performance stably during rotating under high speed. Features ♦ Integrate different size current and signal ♦ Integrate Fiber optic rotary joint ♦ Max rotation speed up to10000rpm Applications ♦ Antenna system ♦ Simulator tester ♦ High speed train ♦ Medical device Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Connector type ♦ Fiber type ♦ Rotation speed

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