CENO Explosion-Proof Slip Ring ECN-EX-07P2


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CENO Explosion-Proof Slip Ring ECN-EX-07P2 - 1

ECN-EX-07P2 Explosion-Proof Slip Ring Explosion-proof slip ring has more safety and higher reliability, designed for use in the condition which is easy to explode, such as in oil platform, explosive material packing machine, agro-product processing equipment,coal mine and spray finishing, etc. Features ♦ High safety & high reliability ♦ Suitable working environment in temperature of -40~80°C ♦ Explosion certification is available Applications Optional ♦ Oil platform,Marine platform ♦ Circuit number ♦ Package equipment of explosive ♦ Anti-explosion grade material ♦ Signal type ♦ Agriculture processing equipment

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