CENO Ethernet Slip Ring ECN025-10P1-08S-02EG


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ECN025-10P1-08S-02EG Ethernet Slip Ring CENO has developed signal slip ring with Gigabit Ethernet signal character base on market requirement.The Ethernet slip ring comply with EMC compatibility and meet the requirement of signal impedance matching, to make sure transmission low loss, no error code,long distance transmission. CENO Ethernet slip ring transmission distance could up to 1000Mbps , or over this speed. It could integrate another current and signal into one slip ring for different customer’ s requirement. Features ♦ Integrate current and gas-liquid rotating joint ♦ Current channel number and rotary joint size could be optional ♦ ious type signal could be integrated Applications ♦ Automatic equipment ♦ Lithium electricity equipment ♦ Wire drawing equipment Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Installation way ♦ Signal type ♦ Gas-liquid rotary joint size

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