CENO Ethernet Slip Ring ECN000-02EG


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,LtdECN000-02EG Ethernet Slip Ring Slip ring with Ethernet signal is widely used in automation equipments can combine various signal and power for stable transmissions cross talk ,low loss,it also can be provided with RJ45 connector for connection to transmission HD video, high-speed digital signal. Features ♦ Transmit1000M Ethernet ♦ Integrate various signal and power,comply with EMC ♦ Reliable transmitting,no package loss,no cross talk,low loss ♦ Compact size,running smooth Applications ♦ Automation equipment ♦ Oceanographic survey system ♦ Motion simulator Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ IP protection grade ♦ Current rating ♦ Signal type Outline Drawing stator side rotor wire

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