CENO Capsule multi channel slip ring ACN-08P-102S


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ACN-08P-102S Capsule Multi-Channel Slip Ring Our newest design capsule multi channels rotary joint assembly, whole length is 286.9mm. it is used for lithium battery equipment ,there are 110 rings transferring ordinary signal,ultrasonic signal as well as current. low electrical noise,low torque,smooth rotation,low contact wear rates. Optional ♦ Lead wire length ♦ Circuit number ♦ Contact material ♦ Cable exit way Applications ♦ Lithium battery equipment ♦ Stage lamp ♦ Wind turbine ♦ Surveillance Features ♦ Integrated structure design, easy installation ♦ Low electrical noise,low torque,smooth rotation ♦ Transmit various signal,compatible with bus protocol Outline Drawing rotor side stator side ACN-08P-102S Specification

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