CENO CANBUS slip ring ECN012-09P1-02S


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN012-09P1-02S Through Hole Slip Ring This is for engineering machinery slip ring with through hole size 12.7mm, it transmits two circuits CAN Profit Bus signal and other ordinary current, housing material is aluminum alloy. Engineering machinery slip ring is developed by CENO electronics For mechanical equipment. Optional ♦ Through hole size ♦ Circuit number ♦ Installation way ♦ IP protection grade Applications ♦ Radar antenna ♦ Construction engineering ♦ Package equipment ♦ Engineering machinery Features ♦ Center hole is easy to install,as well as integrate hydraulic,pneumatic,fiber optical,RF rotary joint ♦ Adapt to dusty and exposed working environment ♦ Transmit data and analog signal,compatible with data bus protocol Outline Drawing

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