CENO Anti-explosion Slip Ring ECN-EX-04P


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SLIP RING CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN-EX-04P Anti-explosion Slip Ring Explosion-proof conductive slip ring is a kind of slip ring with high safety and reliability, suitable working in explosive environment, such as oil platform, explosive material packaging equipment, agricultural products processing equipment, coal mine, spraying and other dangerous places. It can meet both explosive gas environment and explosive dust environment and the protection grade is IP65 IP66 or IP68. Features ♦ Explosion certification is available ♦ Support signal mixed transmission ♦ High safety,high reliability Applications ♦ Automation equipment ♦ Foodstuff processing machinery ♦ Filling machine ♦ Drilling platform Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Anti-explosion grade ♦ IP protection grade ♦ Signal type

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