CENO 3 Channel RF Rotary Joint RCN0303A


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,LtdRCN0303A 3 Channel Coaxial Rotary Joint RF rotary joint design adopts the principle of skin effect of high frequency signal and the structure simulation of coaxial cable. Divide into high frequency rotary joint,middle and low frequency rotary joint according to frequency range.they can support high frequency signal and power,or some other signal combined transmission. Features ♦ Integrated RF rotary joint ♦ Apply to RF signal and high data speed rate transmission ♦ 1 channel with waveguide ♦ 2 channel with coaxial cable Applications ♦ Simulation tester ♦ Antenna system ♦ Traffic control system Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Installation way ♦ Radio frequency range

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