CENO 200mm through hole slip ring ECN200-04P-12P2


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CENO 200mm through hole slip ring ECN200-04P-12P2 - 1

ECN200-04P-12P2 Large size slip ring This is large hole size slip ring with ID 200mm, it is used for offshore crane ,it transmits 4 circuits of 63A and 12 circuits of 10A.it’s also a waterproof slip ring with IP65 protection grade ,it’s can work underwater 1000M.The housing material is stainless steel ,contact material is precious metal .Typical application including beer machinery filling machinery ,drilling platform ,oil well . Features ♦ Center hole is easy to install. ♦ As well as integrate hydraulic,pneumatic,fiber optical,RF rotary joint ♦ May work under water 100m,anti-corrosion Application ♦ For marine ♦ For offshore oil rigs ♦ Seaport machine Optional ♦ Through hole size ♦ Current rating ♦ Integrate various signal ♦ IP protection grade

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