CENO 2 Channel Coaxial Rotary Joint RCN0218A


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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd RCN0218A 2 Channel Coaxial Rotary Joint CENO two channel rotary joint RCN0205A with 5GHz frequency range on each channel.This model is widely to be applied in antenna system application.CENO RCN series is called RF rotary joint. means a group of coaxial rotary joints. this unit is employed in devices that rotate continuously and transmit high frequency(up to 50GHz)and high speed digital signal from stationary part to rotating part.CENO RF rotary joint channel number range from 2-5 channel.Different connector type for customer choosing. Features ♦ Stable performance and high reliability ♦ Integrated RF rotary joint ♦ Apply to RF signal and high data speed rate transmission Applications ♦ Simulation tester ♦ Antenna system ♦ Traffic control system Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Installation way ♦ Radio frequency range

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