CENO 1000Mbps Ethernet swivel ECN025-02P-02P1-01EG


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CENO 1000Mbps Ethernet swivel ECN025-02P-02P1-01EG - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ECN025-02P-02P1-01EG Ethernet slip ring This is a 1000M Ethernet signal slip ring integrate power .through bore size is 25.4mm ,for data transmission over rotary joints we provide a non-contacting Ethernet solution that perfectly meets the demand of high-speed data transmission. That solution supports flexible data rates from 10MBit up to 1 GBit and can be integrated into hybrid rotary joint combinations.The demand for ever more efficient performance on automatic machines makes the use of field buses with ever higher data rates necessary. More requirements please contact with CENO sales@ceno360.com, we will provide the best solutions for you. Features  1000M Ethernet signal  Integrate 2 *25A power  Long life time  Stable performance ECN025-02P-02P1-01EG Applications  Packaging machine  Rotation table  Military industry  Wind power system Specification Voltage Electrical noise Optional  Through hole size  Various signal type  Cable length  IP protection grade Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Operating speed Contact material Housing material IP protection grade Through hole size Outline Drawing

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