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Mechanical Index Tables Loads on output flange Loads With Table Upside-down Technical data Index Tables Oscillating Function GLR torque limiter - for HP series Accessories - Special executions Accessories - Customizing Cycle times with motoreducer - 50 Hz - 60 Hz Reducer matching table Fitting position Working position - lubrication Mounting faces Mesas de giro indexadas Carga admisible en el divisor Cargas Con Mesa En Posicibn Invertida Datos tbcnicos Mesas de giro Funcibn oscilante Limitador de par GLR - montaje en mesas HP Accesorios - Ejecuciones personalizadas Accesorios - Fabricaciones personalizadas Tempos de ddo con molorreductor 50Hz - 60 Hz Acoplamiento de motorreductor Posicibn de montaje Posicibn de trabajo - lubricacibn Identificacion de las caras de los unidades

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MECHANICAL INDEX TABLESMESAS DE GIRO INDEXADAS INDEX TABLES FOR COMPLEX MOVEMENTS HP SERIES Sizes: 80-110 Stops: 1 to 12 including odd stops. - Output dial mounting flange supported by precision crossed-roller bearing - Maximum station to station accuracy - Double extended input shaft - CNC induction hardened cam-profiles - Oscillating and complex customized cam-motion available - Oil bath lubrication; guaranteed sealing system in any working position - Worm gear reducer and motor mount directly Sizes = followers’ pitch diameter The oversized cam diameter of the HP mechanism makes it...

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CARGAS ADMISIBLES LOADS ON OUTPUT FLANGE Fa = Axial force (N) Fr = Radial force (N) Mr = Overturning moment (Nm) b = Distance (m) Rotating element CARGAS EN EL DIVISOR Fa = Fuerza Axial (N) Fr = Fuerza radial (N) Mr = Momenta Vuelco (Nm) b = Distancia (m) Fr- b = Mr Fa - b = Mr Elemento de Giro

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Rotating element - Elemento de Giro LOADS WITH TABLE UPSIDE-DOWN (TRACTION ON INDEX HEAD) When the table is used in an upside-down position (B), the weight of transported masses generates an axial traction force “T” on the output dial plate. The table shows the maximum values in relation to size of the tables. The diagrams show the curves referred to maximum value ( Fre/Me) for the input shaft of the tables. The values are referred to a rotation speed of 100 rpm of the camshaft CARGAS CON MESA EN POSICION INVERTIDA (TRACCION EN EL DIVISOR) Cuando la mesa se emplea en posicion invertida (B)...

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(•) Starting torque - Tolerance on the values indicated ± 15%    The schedules show some minimum end intemiediete reference velues. w.    .    Also possible :    - Number of stops not indicated in ihe schedule Values referred to the worst running conditions    - Index engles not indicated in the schedule Equivalent Service Factor = 1.75 already applied    - Different and customized motion Number! Index of Stops1 angle S (a") Maximum output torque - Mtu - (Nm) Speed - (rpm) 25 rpm i 50 rpm I 100 rpm i 125 rpm Motion coefficients Acc.    Speed    Dlsp. Ptc. rad. Rollero.d. Inertia...

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Dowels ø 6 mm Depth 8 mm By the customer SHAFT DETAIL Rotating element • Elemento rotante • Drehelement • Elément tournant • Elemento de giro Reference Riferimento Bezug Référence Referencia Concentricity Planarity Concentricità Planarità Konzentrizität Planheit Concentricité Planéité Concentricidad Planaridad Repeatability Ripetibilità Wiederholbarkeit Répétitivité Repetibilidad Threaded holes position Posizione fori lettati Löcherposition Position des trou taraudé Posición ori cios roscados

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Elemento rotante • Drehelement Element tournant • Elemento de giro

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Reference Riferimento Bezug Reference Referencia Concentricity Concentricita Konzentrizitat Concentricite Concentricidad Planarity Planarita Planheit Planeite Planaridad Repeatability Ripetibilita Wiederholbarkeit Repetitivite Repetibilidad Threaded holes position Posizione fori 8 lettati Locherposition Position des trou taraude Posicion ori8 cios roscados

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Directions of rotation on cycle start Note:By convention the beginning of the cycle coincides with the first displacement (1) Sentido de rotacion para el comienzo del ciclo Por convenio el comienzo del ciclo coincide con el primer desplazamiento (1) Under the company standard, the values of the y angle for the key of the cam shaft and the 8 angle for the threaded holes on the dial flange are both equal to 0 (zero) at the center of the first dwell phase (see diagram on the side). This position is identified as a phase axis In case of specific necessity it is possible to indicate the values...

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(*) Tolerance referred only to dowels holes ± 0,02 (*) Tolerancia en relacion con los taladros de las espigas: ± 0,02

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SPECIAL EQUIPMENT EJECUCIONES ESPECIALES POSmON RECOGNmONING DEVICE The picture on the side shows a simple and inexpensive device to recognize the position. The pinion (1) is connected to the gear wheel (2). For a rotation of 360° of the drive pinion (1) the driven wheel (2) performs the same angular rotation of the outlet dial flange of the table. The different reading combinations of the sensor (3) identify the exact position of the equipment mounted on the index table. DISPOSITIVO DE LECTURA DE LA POSICI6N La figure adjunta represents un dispositivo de lectura de la posicidn simple y...

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TORQUE LIMITER Overall dimensions "HP" tables page. 10 REDUCERS AND MOTORS Index tables can be fitted with reducers and motors of various types. The possibilities to fit directly the worm gear reducers are shown on page 14. Overall dimensions are detailed in CDS DXF files. REDUCTORES Y MOTORES Las mesas de giro pueden estar dotadas de reductores y motores de varios tipos. Las posibilidades de montaje directo de reductores de tomillo sin fin se detallan en la pdg.14 La comprobacibn de las dimensiones generales se detalla en el file .dxf de CDS

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