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Open Bowl Scraper (631G)


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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 1

Engine Scraper Bowl Tractor Engine Cat C18 ACERT™ Heaped Capacity 26 m3 34 yd3 Net Power 345/373 kW 462/500 hp Rated Load 37 285 kg 82,200 lb Scraper Engine Cat C9 ACERT

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631G/637G Wheel Tractor Scrapers Power Train – Engine ✔ The C18 and C9 engines with ACERT™ Technology work at the point of combustion to optimize engine performance and minimize exhaust emissions. Matched with the torque converter and power shift transmission, they provide years of dependable and efficient service. pg. 4 Power Train – Transmission ✔ Electronic controls switch from converter drive to direct drive based on gear selection, maximizing efficiency and power application. Tractor and scraper engines are synchronized for smooth operation and longer service life. pg. 6 Push-Pull...

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Operator Station ✔ Convenient control placement and a comfortable work environment are keys to high productivity. Features include electro-hydraulic controls, an available air seat suspension and advanced instrumentation. pg. 8 Electronic Controls Scraper Bowl ® The electronic controls respond to ✔ Caterpillar Scraper bowls are designed operator commands and input from for excellent material flow and retention on-board sensors to optimize machine for fast cycle times and high productivity. performance. In addition, the electronic pg. 11 controls provide advanced diagnostic capabilities that...

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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 4

Power Train – Engine A combination of innovations working at the point of combustion, ACERT™ technology optimizes engine performance while meeting regulations for off-road applications. Electronic unit injector Cat C18 Tractor Engine. The tractor for the 631G and 637G is powered by the C18 engine with ACERT™ Technology. The large displacement and high torque rise provides optimal performance in the load, cut, haul and return. Matched to the high efficiency torque converter and electronically controlled power shift transmission, it will provide years of dependable service. Cat C9 Scraper...

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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 5

ADEM A4 Control Module. Controls engine rpm by adjusting the fuel duration, which results in quicker starts in hot and cold weather, better fuel economy, better operator response, and automatic compensation for altitude and filter plugging. Reduced Exhaust Smoke. The ADEM A4 controller monitors electronic sensors to determine the optimum fuel/air ratio. Fuel is precisely controlled during cranking, starting and acceleration to reduce smoke. The Engine Electronics are faster and more efficient than mechanically controlling the governor rack position. Altitude Compensation. The system...

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Power Train – Transmission Integrated electronics allow the machine to monitor the entire power train, reducing component stress and providing a better ride. Differential Control. Electronic differential lock helps prevent the drive wheels from spinning in poor underfoot conditions. The operator engages the differential lock with a foot control located in the cab. Neutral Coast Inhibitor. Prevents the transmission from shifting into neutral if the operator selects neutral while moving. The transmission control will select the proper gear for the given engine rpm and ground speed. Final...

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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 7

Structures Superior structural design and construction optimize performance and reliability. Cushion Hitch. The electronically actuated cushion hitch incorporates a parallelogram-type linkage for exceptional strength. Twin nitrogen accumulators help deliver a smooth ride for enhanced operator comfort. • cushion hitch lock down control for positive cutting edge down pressure when loading or spreading leveling valve automatically centers piston in cylinder for all loads Load cylinder Hitch castings Scraper gooseneck Nitrogen accumulators Orifice Oil from tractor hydraulic system Leveling...

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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 8

Operator Station State-of-the-art productivity and operator comfort. Seat Suspension. The new standard seat suspension features a high performance air shock absorber with a self-contained air compressor. For operators requiring additional damping, dual shock absorbers in the seat suspension are available. Revised Steering Column. Increases legroom a full 89 mm (3.5 in.), and reduces knee contact. Standard Air Conditioning. Standard air conditioning system with relocated louvers enhances airflow in the cab. Storage And Amenities. Convenient storage location includes space for a lunch box and...

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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 9

Engine Speed Lock Controller. Enhances operation during long haul cycles by allowing the operator to maintain a desired engine speed without maintaining pressure on the throttle. Simplified Transmission Control. Simplifies gear selection (1st, 2nd, Drive and Reverse) and allows operator-defined top gear control. Relocating the gear control to the rear increases operator legroom. Neutral Lock . The neutral lock thumb control must be pressed to move the shifter from neutral. To use the top gear button, the operator must hold the yellow button until the gear display indicates the desired top...

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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 10

Electronic Controls Integrated electronic controls provide smooth, consistent shifts through the synchronization of engine and transmission speeds. Low Battery Elevated Idle. The ADEM A4 controller automatically compensates for low alternator output at low idle by raising the rpm for brief intervals to keep the batteries fully charged. Improved Serviceability. Combined monitoring systems, easy access diagnostics and more durable components make routine maintenance and servicing simple and fast. Simplified System. The electrical system has been redesigned to utilize three electronic control...

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Open Bowl Scraper (631G) - 11

Scraper Bowl Designed for optimum loading, material retention and ejection. Redesigned Bowl. The redesigned bowl minimizes falling material lodging between the bowl and the draft arm, which can result in premature wear. The modifications also provide better load retention on level ground or traversing down a grade. Bowl capacity has been increased by 3 yd3 (2.3 m3), allowing more material to be moved. • Low-profile bowl design offers less resistance to incoming materials. Cellular construction adds strength and dent resistance to bowl sides and floor. Bulldozer Ejection System. Cat...

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