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Longwall Mining Equipment Product Line Overview

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 2

Roof Supports Customized Design Caterpillar is the world leader in longwall roof support technology. In the early 1970s, demanding mining conditions in German coal mines set the stage for extensive R&D in roof support technology. Steeply inclined coal seams both thick and thin, weak roofs and massive sandstone roofs, soft floors, and geological faults called for a high degree of customization. The resulting expertise has been deployed and applied to all mining areas of the world and provides customers with state-of-the-art technology customized to maximize control of the roof and floor of...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 3

Taking the Shearer to the Next Level Your shearer is the most critical part of your longwall production process. That’s why high-performance longwall operations demand shearers that deliver the highest productivity, availability and reliability. Cat shearers were always designed to meet these demands. But Caterpillar has taken them to the next level. To do this, we invested heavily in refining our successful range of shearers. We started by reviewing and analyzing all more recent shearer installations and setting goals to improve productivity, availability and reliability. This was not a...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 4

Automated Plow Systems High-level Automation We have been designing and building longwall plows since 1941 – and things have come a long way. Technical developments since 1990 have once again established plowing as the preferred longwall mining method for seams below 1.8 m (71 in). Cat plows offer world-leading features that other manufacturers cannot and a cost of ownership that far outstrips the shearer when mining thin and medium seams. Their reliability, high-productivity and ability to mine in-seam make them the ideal choice for longwall mining medium and thin seams. Cut any Coal There...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 5

Moving Mountains No matter how fast your shearer can cut, you can’t keep cutting until you move the coal away from the face. Cat Armored Face Conveyors (AFCs) are designed to keep things moving and to carry the maximum possible amount of coal smoothly away from the coalface. They are designed for high availability and economy in operation. They are easy to maintain and offer long service life and a great return on investment to mine operators. Cat AFCs excel through cutting-edge technology, quality, experience and superior product support. Of course, that’s what any AFC manufacturer would...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 6

Intelligent CST Drive System The Drive for Productivity With constant pressure for greater productivity, improving the performance of longwall systems remains a key goal for mine operators. At Caterpillar, all aspects of longwall operation and machinery are continuously reviewed to find ways to improve productivity and reduce the overall cost of mining. The performance of the face conveyor system is continually improving. Improved Performance Ever more powerful systems require ever more horsepower, heavier chains and faster conveyor speed with maximum availability. What was needed was a...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 7

Longwall Automation Unparalled Control Excellent automation is the basis for the success of a longwall – the quality and reliability of the automation system are key factors in the success of the operation. Caterpillar is the only manufacturer that is able to provide a complete modular family of powerful controllers that integrate fully with Cat longwall equipment. This means one-stop shopping, no interfacing problems and products customized to your needs. Full Range, Full Integration Based on the successful Cat PM4 series, the PMC™ family is a new generation of controllers designed to meet...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 8

Roof Support Carriers Packed with Power Longwall moves represent an enormous challenge to underground transportation logistics due to many variables such as the height and width of roadways, the radius of bends, and the various types of ground conditions. Caterpillar offers a full range of roof support carriers to meet the needs of our customers’ operations. Development and Design Smart Move As the world’s leading supplier of longwall technology, Caterpillar has always taken great care to design and manufacture the best longwall movers available. Our outstanding experience in the...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 9

Roadway Development Before longwall mining begins, gate roads are driven to the back of each panel by continuous miners. The Cat CM200 Series of continuous miners are the machines of choice to perform a room and pillar operation to develop longwall panels. The gate roads provide passages for longwall equipment, workers and conveyor belts used to transport coal to the surface. Roof support is one of the main bottlenecks in entry roadway development. Caterpillar offers a miner bolter model to solve this problem. With one-pass mining at cutting heights from 2.4 m (7.8 ft) to 4.1 m (13.6 ft)...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 10

Belt Systems & Belt Products Advanced Technology Solutions Caterpillar offers a full range of rugged belt conveyor systems and products unsurpassed in performance and service life – custom-designed solutions to handle the most demanding bulk-material handling applications, both on the surface and underground. Belt Terminal Groups Hydraulic Take-Ups & Storage Units Caterpillar offers two types of belt terminal groups – pre-engineered and engineered. Take-ups and storage units apply slack removal and responsive belt tension for all bulk-material handling conveyor systems. Pre-engineered Belt...

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Longwall Mining Equipment - 11

Belt Structures & Rolls Belt Structures & Rolls Caterpillar has a full range of rugged and reliable belt systems and belt products unsurpassed in performance and service life – custom-designed solutions to handle the most demanding bulk-material handling applications, both on the surface and underground. Belt Structures & Rolls Caterpillar offers world-class quality components for bulk-material conveyor systems in underground and surface mining applications. Complete bulk-material solutions with belt widths ranging from 18 to 96 in are supported by a robust line up of 4, 5, 6 and 7 in...

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