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D9T - 1

Engine Weights Engine Model Cat® C18 ACERT™ Shipping Weight 37 792 kg 83,317 lb Gross Power 334 kW 448 hp Operating Weight 50 098 kg 110,447 1b

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D9T - 2

D9T Features C18 with ACERT Technology Optimizes engine performance and provides low exhaust emissions. Drive Train Electronically controlled powershift transmission, differential steering, and durable final drives deliver outstanding power transfer and long life. Operator Station Designed for operator comfort, convenience, and productivity. Machine controls and displays are all at the operator’s fingertips to maximize operator productivity. Safety Designed for safe operation by providing, among other features, enhanced access/egress, and a variety of technologies to help keep the operator...

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D9T - 3

C18 Engine with ACERT™ Technology Power and reliability C18 Performing at full-rated net power of 306 kW (410 hp), the large displacement and high torque rise allow the D9T to rip through tough material. Matched to the high-efficiency torque converter and electronically controlled power shift transmission, it will provide years of reliable service. ADEM™ A4 Engine Controller Manages fuel delivery for optimal performance per liter (gallon) of fuel used. Provides flexible fuel mapping, allowing the engine to respond quickly to application needs. Tracks conditions and keeps engine operating at...

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D9T - 4

Cooling System Durable and efficient Aluminum Bar Plate Radiator Cooling system uses a radiator built with rugged, highly efficient aluminum bar plate cores. The aluminum bar plate construction aids durability and allows for higher heat transfer and superior corrosion resistance. Hydraulic Air to Oil Cooler The new air to hydraulic oil cooler reduces hydraulic oil temperatures improving component life. The core is built using the same rugged aluminum bar plate design as the jacket water cooler. It is designed in-line with the water cores to minimize debris plugging in all applications....

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D9T - 5

Operator Station Comfort and convenience The D9T cab is designed and equipped for operator productivity, safety and comfort. The standard isolation-mounted cab reduces noise and vibration. Overall operator sound levels have been reduced by 2 dB(A). Large windows, tapered hood, and notched fuel tank provide excellent visibility to all sides of the machine and around the job site. The D9T comes with an updated in-dash display with new features. An improved Advisor Monitoring System tracks machine operating conditions in real time. Dimmable lights allow the operator to choose between night and...

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D9T - 6

Implement and Steering Controls Ergonomically designed for ease of operation Dozer Control Lever A low-effort electronic dozer control handle gives the operator control of all dozer functions with one hand. Fore/aft movement of the control handle lowers and raises the blade. Left/right movement directionally tilts the blade. Blade response and blade float can be set/adjusted using the Advisor System. The thumb lever at the top of the handle and trigger switch controls blade pitch fore and aft when equipped with dual tilt. Dual tilt also provides automated blade assist control capability....

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D9T - 7

Undercarriage Engineered for performance Suspended Undercarriage Design Absorbs impact loads, to reduce the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage, by up to 50%. Bogie Suspension Bogie suspension conforms closely to the ground providing up to 15 percent more ground contact, especially in uneven terrain. Higher traction means less slippage, better balance, and a smoother ride. Integrated Carrier Roller Mount The carrier roller mount is cast into the track roller frame making it easier to add the optional carrier roller in the field, if conditions require it. Rollers and Idlers Feature...

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D9T - 8

Drive Train Provides maximum efficiency in combination with the C18 engine Torque Converter A high efficiency torque converter with fixed stator provides high torque multiplication while shielding the drive train from sudden torque shocks and vibration. Planetary Power Shift Transmission Three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, utilizing large diameter, high capacity, oil-cooled clutches. • Modulation system permits fast speed and direction changes. Modular transmission and differential slide into rear case for servicing ease, even with ripper installed. Oil-to-water cooler for...

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D9T - 9

Engineered for maximum production and service life Mainframe Strength The D9T mainframe is built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces. Frame Rails Full box section, designed to keep components rigidly aligned. Heavy Steel Castings Adds strength to the main case, equalizer bar saddle, front cross member and tag-link trunnion. Top and Bottom Rails Continuous rolled sections, with no machining or welding, to provide superior mainframe durability. Pivot Shaft The D9T pivot shaft runs through the mainframe and connects to the roller frames, allowing independent oscillation. The...

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D9T - 10

Work Tools Equipped for versatility Bulldozers All blades feature a strong box-section design that resists twisting and cracking. Blades are made of high tensile strength steel that stands up to the most severe applications. Heavy moldboard construction and hardened bolt-on cutting edges and end bits add strength and durability. • Semi-Universal Blade – Built for tough applications where penetration is important. High-Capacity Universal Blade – Maximizes capacity for moving big loads over long distances. Optional Dual Tilt – Allows the operator to optimize the blade pitch angle. Cutting...

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D9T - 11

Sustainability Thinking generations ahead The new D9T offers a number of sustainable benefits: • This new feature locks out the powertrain and hydraulics to avoid unintentional movement when the operator is mounting and dismounting the machine. Fender Guard Rails Standard heavy duty guard rails are strategically placed to aid the operator outside of the cab. Heavy Duty Steps and Handles Strategically placed grab handles plus non-slip steps and decking aid operator getting on and off the machine. Primary access/ egress path meets specifications outlined in ISO 2867:2006. Visibility Package...

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