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D9 DOZER - 1

Operating Weight Engine Power The Cat ® C18 Engine is available in Tier 2 and Tier 3 configurations. It also meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 / EU Stage V emission standards with an aftertreatment system that is designed to be transparent to the operator.

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D9 DOZER - 2

Nearly half of the large dozers Caterpillar sells are D9 Dozers — and for good reason. They’re the smart choice for dozens of applications and environments, thanks to unmatched reliability, long life and a wide range of application-specific blades. Like all Cat® dozers, the productive and efficient D9 is a fully integrated Cat machine — 100 percent designed by Caterpillar and built with all Cat components that work together to deliver top performance and high availability. With the D9, you’ll move more dirt at the lowest possible cost. BUILT SMARTER TO WORK HARDER GO THE DISTANCE WITH CAT...

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D9 DOZER - 3

NEARLY HALF OF ALL LARGE DOZERS ARE D9s 5% BOOST IN FUEL EFFICIENCY with new Stator Clutch Torque Converter UP TO 3% LOWER OVERALL COST PER BANK CUBIC METER SAVE UP TO 2,200 GALLONS OF FUEL PER YEAR MORE FUEL EFFICIENT FUTURE-READY FOR TECHNOLOGY UP TO 4% LOWER MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COSTS + Integrated Cat AutoLube system + Fewer greasing points + Improved radiator cleaning access + Longer filter change intervals + Continuous fluid level monitoring + Remote flash software THE RIGHT DOZER FOR YOUR APPLICATION OTHER CAT DOZERS Introduced in 1955, about 1,500 Cat D9 Dozers were sold in their...

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D9 DOZER - 5

LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP No other manufacturer has more experience moving material than Caterpillar. There are more Cat large dozers working around the world than any other brand. Our long history of evolution and innovation has helped us remain the leader for over a century. A PROVEN DESIGN PHILOSOPHY When it comes to making Cat large dozers, we follow a proven design philosophy that focuses around five main areas: safe, comfortable and in control 2. nsure productivity E in all applications 3. ake advantage T of the latest technology 4. ake dozers M that are easy to maintain and repair 5....

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D9 DOZER - 6

The D9 is a versatile machine designed to be used in a variety of applications, such as ripping overburden, production dozing, stockpiling, winching, site maintenance, fleet support and reclamation. The elevated sprocket and suspended undercarriage work together, increasing traction and giving the operator a smooth ride in all conditions. The elevated sprocket design transfers implement shock loads to the mainframe, so final drives, axles and steering components are isolated from harsh impacts. The result is higher productivity and longer component life, no matter the application.

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D9 DOZER - 7

HIGH EFFICIENCY. REDUCED FUEL. The torque converter with stator clutch automatically frees up the stator when torque multiplication is not required under low load, resulting in higher drivetrain efficiency for reduced fuel consumption. During higher loads and retarding conditions, it locks automatically. INCREASING STATOR CLUTCH LOCKED Fuel efficiency improvements vary by application, but it has consistently shown a 5% improvement with no noticeable changes felt by the operator. LARGE LOADS. SMOOTH MANEUVERING. The D9 features differential steering, so large blade loads can be smoothly...

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D9 DOZER - 8

PRODUCTIVE DOZING BEGINS WITH A PRODUCTIVE OPERATOR SAFETY-INFUSED A confident operator is a productive operator. So we’ve infused the D9 with safety to help operators feel safe and confident on the job. The operator station offers an exceptional viewing area, with a tapered hood, notched fuel tank, and narrow ripper carriage to give the operator a clear line of sight to front and rear work areas. DESIGNED FOR COMFORT Noise, vibration, stress and fatigue all have an effect on operator performance—so we’ve designed an environment that helps minimize them. The operator station in the D9...

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D9 DOZER - 9

SAFER FOR OPERATORS & SERVICE PERSONNEL FORWARD-HINGING CAB DOOR (OPTIONAL) 360° VISION DISPLAY (OPTIONAL) REMOVED LIFT CYLINDER GREASE POINTS SECONDARY RETENTION ON HINGED BELLY GUARDS PRODUCTIVITY-ENHANCED The operator environment in the D9 is more than a cab; it’s an integrated electronic platform designed to maximize productivity. The multi-color/touchscreen display is the operator’s gateway to monitoring machine performance and a convenient way of modifying machine parameters to tailor performance to the POWERED ACCESS LADDER (OPTIONAL) GROUNDLEVEL ACCESS current task. The display...

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D9 DOZER - 10

TAKE INNOVATION TO A NEW LEVEL Cat large dozers became the industry leader by being innovative — and today’s D9 takes innovation to a new level. The D9 takes advantage of a number of on-board technologies today and is future-ready for technology enhancements to come. Options like Remote Control, Automated Blade Assist, AutoCarry, Automatic Ripper Control and Cat Grade Control 3D are seamlessly integrated into the D9

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D9 DOZER - 11

AUTOMATED BLADE ASSIST (ABA) Automated Blade Assist automates the movement of the blade to several key preset pitch positions. The positions of each segment—load, carry and spread— can be set through the Information Display or the push-button keypad. + Increases efficiency + Reduces operator workload AUTOCARRY The AutoCarry feature provides automatic blade control during the carry segment, reducing operator fatigue and helping to keep slip at the optimum level for best performance. + Increases productivity up to 15% AUTOMATIC RIPPER CONTROL This feature monitors the dozer speed with the...

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D9 DOZER - 12

REDUCE YOUR DOWNTIME. REDUCE YOUR COSTS. The D9 is designed to be easy to service and maintain — so your machines spend less time in the maintenance shop and more time on the job. We’ve grouped maintenance points to minimize movement around the machine, and provided ground-level service access for fluids and key electrical controls. THE NEW D9 GOES EVEN FURTHER TO IMPROVE SERVICEABILITY. Fire suppression ready. AutoLube system, with ground-level fill and automatic shutoff capability and external pressure gauges for pump function feedback and troubleshooting. 6% larger fuel tank. Improved...

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