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D11T/D11T CD - 1

Track-Type Tractor Engine-Tier 2 Equivalent Weights Engine Model Cat® C32 ACERT™ Operating Weight 104 257 kg 229,848 lb Engine-U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Operating Weight-CD 112 698 kg 248,456 lb Engine Model Cat C32 ACERT Shipping Weight-CD 37 802 kg 83,340 lb

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D11T/D11T CD - 2

D11T/D11T CD Features C32 with ACERT™ Technology Designed to deliver the performance and maximum fuel efficiency you demand, the D11T/D11T CD features a Cat® C32 ACERT engine. Engines designed to meet different emission standards are available to meet your needs, no matter where in the world you are working. Drive Train The D11T/D11T CD combines power and efficiency with advanced technology for outstanding production at a lower cost-per-yard. Operator Station The cab is designed and equipped for operator productivity, safety, and comfort. Machine controls and displays are at the operator's...

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D11T/D11T CD - 3

Cat Track-Type Tractors are designed with durability built in, ensuring maximum availability through multiple life cycles. By optimizing performance and simplifying serviceability with our modular design, our machines move more material efficiently and safely at a lower cost per ton. The new models include safety enhancements, improved operator comfort, and productivity increasing electronic features to keep your business strong for generations to come. 3

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D11T/D11T CD - 4

Structures Engineered for maximum production and service life. Carrydozer Frame The Carrydozer frame is specifically designed to accept the additional frame loads generated by the unique Carrydozer blade design.

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D11T/D11T CD - 5

Mainframe Strength We help reduce downtime by making our machines easy to repair and maintain. The D11T/D11T CD mainframes are built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces during severe dozing and ripping applications. It is not uncommon to see these machines rebuilt several times using the same frame, with only minor welding. • Frame rails have a full box section design which keeps components rigidly aligned. • The main case, equalizer bar saddle, and front cross member are heavy duty steel castings incorporated into highly loaded areas of the mainframe to improve stress...

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D11T/D11T CD - 6

Engine Power and reliability to help you move more. C32 with ACERT Technology Designed to deliver the performance and maximum fuel efficiency you demand, the D11T/D11T CD features a Cat C32 ACERT engine. A U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engine is available for sale in the United States and Canada. • The C32 performs at full rated net power of 634 kW (850 hp) at 1,800 rpm with a high torque rise of 21 percent, allowing the D11T to doze through tough material. • Matched to the high efficiency torque divider and electronically controlled power shift transmission, it will provide years of dependable...

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D11T/D11T CD - 7

Cooling System Superior cooling in the most demanding work conditions. The hydraulic variable demand fan provides engine cooling capability that is matched to the ambient conditions. In cooler conditions, the fan turns at a slower speed, reducing power demands. This reduces fuel consumption in lower load factor operations. Low speed fan operation also reduces both the operator and spectator sound levels. Aluminum Bar Plate Radiator The cooling system uses a two-part radiator built with rugged, highly efficient aluminum bar plate cores. The aluminum bar plate construction aids durability and...

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D11T/D11T CD - 8

Drive Train Power and control to efficiently move your material. Torque Divider The Cat D11T/D11T CD use a torque divider between the engine and the transmission to act as the hydrodynamic component, reducing the possibility of damage to the powertrain by dampening impact loads and vibrations. • A single-stage torque converter with output torque divider sends 75 percent of engine torque through the converter and 25 percent through a direct drive shaft for greater driveline efficiency and higher torque multiplication. Planetary Powershift Transmission The Cat Planetary Powershift...

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D11T/D11T CD - 9

Undercarriage Designed for optimized machine balance and best performance. The elevated sprocket and suspended undercarriage work together, increasing traction and giving the operator a smoother ride. These benefits translate into higher production and longer component life. This design transfers implement shock loads to the mainframe, so final drives, axles, and steering components are isolated from harsh impact loads commonly seen in large track-type tractor applications. • Bogie suspension provides up to 15 percent more ground contact, especially in hard, uneven terrain. Higher traction...

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D11T/D11T CD - 10

Operator Station Designed for your comfort, convenience, and productivity. The Finger Tip Controls (FTC) require less effort and are more comfortable for long periods of operation. Single-hand controls located on the left armrest coordinate steering using left and right finger paddles located ahead of the handgrip. The D11T/D11T CD uses electro-hydraulic clutch-brake steering. Low effort and comfortable to grip, the electronic dozer joystick gives the operator control of all dozer functions with the right hand. A rigidly mounted handgrip on the electronic ripper control provides firm...

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D11T/D11T CD - 11

The D11T/D11T CD cab is designed and equipped for operator productivity, safety, and comfort. Electro-hydraulic controls require low effort to control steering and implements. This helps to reduce operator fatigue and to improve productivity. The monitoring system display, with easy-to-read gauges, indicators and warning lamps, keeps the operator aware of machine conditions. All of these features provide the D11T and D11T CD an industry leading operator environment that provides high productivity, efficiency, and comfort. • The operator station offers an exceptional viewing area....

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D11T/D11T CD - 12

Technology Solutions Greater productivity through integrated electronic systems. The D11T electronic systems have been completely integrated to function as one machine. This integration creates a smart machine and more informed operator maximizing the productivity of both. • VIMS™ 3G – This technology enables your equipment to provide detailed, up-to-the-minute data about its own health and working conditions by monitoring key temperatures, pressures, and more. The system gathers historical trends, histograms, events and more for off-board analysis. Additional subscription required. •...

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