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D10T - 1

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D10T - 2

D10T Features C27 Engine with ACERT Technology Tier 3 certified, optimizes engine performance and provides low exhaust emissions. Drive Train Electronically controlled powershift transmission, efficient clutch/brake steering and durable planetary final drives deliver outstanding power transfer and longer life. Operator Station Designed for operator comfort, convenience, and productivity. Machine controls and displays are all at the operator’s fingertips to maximize operator productivity. Serviceability and Customer Support Combine easy access, modular components with the Cat Dealer repair...

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D10T - 3

C27 Engine with ACERT™ Technology Optimizes engine performance and meets emission regulations. C27 Performing at full-rated net power of 433 kW (580 hp) at 1800 rpm with a torque rise of 21 percent, the D10T can doze through the toughest material. Matched to the high efficiency torque divider and electronically controlled power shift transmission, it will provide years of reliability. ADEM™ A4 Engine Controller The ADEM A4 electronic control module manages fuel delivery and airflow to get the best performance per liter (gallon) of fuel used. It provides flexible fuel mapping, allowing the...

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D10T - 4

Operator Station Designed for operator comfort, convenience, and productivity. Operator Controls Power train and implement controls are conveniently placed for low operator fatigue and ease of control. Cat Monitoring Display System The combination dash mounted instrument cluster and the Advisor Monitoring System provide key machine operating information and give the operator and service technician insight into the machine’s operation and maintenance needs. Wide Panoramic View A large view hole in the single-shank ripper frame provides a view of the ripper tip. The tapered hood, notched fuel...

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D10T - 5

Implement and Steering Controls Reduced operator fatigue for increased performance. Dozer Control Lever A low-effort, electronic dozer control handle gives the operator control of all dozer functions with one hand. Fore/aft movement of the lever lowers and raises the blade. Left/right movement directionally tilts the blade. The thumb lever at the top of the handle controls blade pitch fore and aft. The trigger switch toggles between single and dual tilt. Blade response and blade float can be set/adjusted using the Advisor Panel. The left and right side thumb buttons provide control over the...

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D10T - 6

Drive Train Provides maximum efficiency in combination with the C27 engine. Torque Divider A single-stage torque converter with output torque divider sends 75 percent of engine torque through the converter and 25 percent through a direct drive shaft for greater driveline efficiency and higher torque multiplication. The torque converter shields the driveline from sudden torque shocks and vibration. Planetary Power Shift Transmission Three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, utilizing large diameter, high-capacity, oil-cooled clutches. • Modulation system permits fast speed and direction...

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D10T - 7

Designed for optimized machine balance and the best performance. Suspended Undercarriage Design Absorbs impact loads, to reduce the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage, by up to 50%. Bogie Suspension Bogie suspension conforms closely to the ground providing up to 15 percent more ground contact, especially in uneven terrain. Higher traction means less slippage, better balance, and a smoother ride. Integrated Carrier Roller Mount The carrier roller mount is cast into the track roller frame making it easier to add the optional carrier roller in the field, if conditions require it....

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D10T - 8

Engineered for maximum production and service life. Mainframe Strength The D10T mainframe is built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces. Frame Rails Full box section, designed to keep components rigidly aligned. Heavy Steel Castings Add strength to the main case, equalizer bar saddle, front cross member and tag-link trunnion. Top and Bottom Rails Continuous rolled sections, with no machining or welding, to provide superior mainframe durability. Main Case Elevates the final drives well above the ground level work area to protect them from impact loads, abrasion...

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D10T - 9

Work Tools Provide the flexibility to match the machine to the job. Bulldozers All blades feature a strong box-section design that resists twisting and cracking. Blades are made of Cat DH-2™ steel that has high tensile strength and stands up to the most severe applications. Heavy moldboard construction and hardened bolt-on cutting edges and end bits add strength and durability. • Semi-Universal Blade – Built for tough applications where penetration is important. High-Capacity Universal Blade – Maximizes capacity for moving big loads over long distances. Optional Dual Tilt – Allows the...

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D10T - 10

The most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers. Serviceability Minimizes maintenance and repair downtime. New sight gauges, filter locations, improved access to oil and coolant sampling ports, and an engine compartment mounted work lamp, make daily and periodic service faster and easier. Equipped with a dozer and ripper, there are only 18 lube points. Engine Oil Filters Engine oil filters are located on the engine for easy servicing access and minimal downtime. Further time is saved with fast fuel and quick oil change attachments. Quick Disconnect Fittings Allow for fast...

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D10T - 11

Customer Support The Cat Dealer network keeps your fleet up and running. Machine Selection Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy. How long do components last? What is the cost of preventive maintenance? What is the true cost of lost production? Your Cat Dealer can give you answers to these very important questions. Purchase Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. This is also the time to look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs...

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