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Cat® track drills MD5150


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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 1

Hole Diameter Range 88.9 mm-152.4 mm 3.5 in-6.0 in Hole Depth Maximum 31m 102.5 ft Engine Cat® C11 Tier 3,287 kW (385 bhp) @ 1,800 rpm

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 3

Drillers Advantage More Power. Big air. Blazing fast set ups. Maximum productivity is the advantage with the Cat MD5150 Track Drill. Fast cycle times and a low operating cost are achieved through our customer-inspired designs such as top of class power, air, fast set-ups and a reliable rock drill. Equipment life cycle is long thanks to our durable Cat components and maintenance friendly designs. 3

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 4

Carousel Rod Changer Fast. Strong. Dependable. To improve your overall productivity, our new carousel rod changer significantly reduces rod change time. Additionally the carousel is supported by a sturdy feed and the extension boom allowing for large pattern coverage so fewer set ups are required. Unlike linear alternatives, our carousel rod changer weighs less and holds more rods, allowing the boom extension to reach further and drill deeper while maintaining stability. The feed and carousel rod changer can accommodate multiple lengths and diameters of drill steel. Additional Features •...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 5

Sturdy Boom and Feed Support the Carousel Rod Changer • The 2.4 m (8 ft) boom extends an additional 0.9 m (3 ft) for larger pattern coverage with fewer set ups • The boom swing capability is 9° L to 29° R for wide pattern coverage • Heavy-duty boom is constructed of thick square tubing with steel plate reinforcements in key areas to add strength • Feed table is 2.7 m (9 ft) with a 0.9 m (3 ft) extension. It resists torsion and thrust loads due to high strength steel channels with diagonal internal bracing. • A new, patented, hose tensioning method keeps hoses on the drum, sheaves are used...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 6

Rock Drills Reliable. Durable. Low operating cost. Standard on the MD5150 is the HPR5128 hydraulic powered percussion rock drill rated at 28 kW (37.5 hp) output energy with dual hydraulic variable rotation motors producing 1898 N∙m (1,400 lbf-ft) torque New Automated Rock Drill Lube System Peak performance is sustained when your rock drill is kept lubricated, cool, and automatically maintained with our new Auto Rock Drill Lube System. Operators no longer have to stop drilling to manually grease the rock drill every two hours. • Saves more than forty hours a year over manual greasing •...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 7

Reliable Performer Low cost of ownership and reliability are yours with renowned Cat ® Rock Drills. Building on a legacy of simplistic power, these drills have long life expectancy and are field serviceable. This combination of robust design and easy maintenance means more hours of reliable, low-cost operation. For added efficiency, the pistons are matched to the cross section of the rod so the wave form is properly matched for maximum energy transfer. Durable Design A simple design coupled with high strength materials yields exceptional durability. • Having only half of the components of...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 8

More Power. Big Air. The MD5150 power group delivers fast cycle times and maximum efficiency due to the combination of top of class air capacity, engine horsepower and an over sized cooler to keep all systems operating at optimal temperatures. Engine MD5150 powers through hard rock with its’ Cat C11 Tier 3 engine at 287 kW (385 hp) @ 1,800 rpm. The six (6) cylinder engine is electronically controlled, turbocharged, and water-cooled. Fuel conservation, resulting in lower operating cost, is achieved with three speed engine throttle control. Additional Engine Features • Engine throttle range –...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 9

Power Group Finish first with the most power and air in-class. Cooler Highly efficient, the new oversized design and ATAAC side by side arrangement ensures all systems are properly and efficiently cooled. • 52° C (125° F) ambient temperature • Proportional controlled fan • Easy troubleshooting and cleaning of the coils • Recirculation of hot air is limited by baffles 9

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 10

Cab Safety Loaded. Keeping Operators Safe MD5150 offers a cab with superior safety features from the numerous shutdown methods and a ROPS/FOPS certified cab to responsive controls that minimize fatigue. The cab front window allows for egress, providing a second exit in case of emergency. Because, at the end of the day we all want to go home safely. Loaded with Safety Features • High visibility with 3.8 m2 (41.76 ft2) tinted safety glass windows • Slim structure members minimize visual obscurity • Skylight provides excellent visibility of the drill string and has sliding sunshade • Mirrors...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 11

Cab Comforts Plentiful. Cab Throughout your shifts, the Cat 349E cab is a quiet and comfortable work environment for relaxed drill operation. It’s pressurized so sound levels are less than 80 dB(A) and it’s isolator mounted to minimize vibration. Features • Climate control system maintains a consistent temperature • Air is filtered to the operator • Windows have defrost/defog air • Windows open for fresh air and communication with others • Operators seat is adjustable six ways • Armrests, controls and switches are ergonomic • Easy access to cab air filter and fuse box • AM/FM Radio IPOD/MP3...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 12

You can expect a long life due to the structural integrity of our frames and the robust Cat 315C undercarriage. Despite the unyielding demands of drilling and navigating rough terrain, our structures are continually proven reliable. The frame supports the upper machine weight plus the added hammer pressure of percussive drilling, yet the MD5150 remains extremely maneuverable thanks to its low center of gravity, high ground clearance, and independent track oscillation. Frame You can rely on a maintenance free and long lasting base for your drill because each frame is designed and thoroughly...

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Cat® track drills MD5150 - 13

Solid Structures Get long-lasting reliability and performance. • Cat Grease Lubricated Track (GLT) – Each track joint is sealed to retain the grease between the pin and bushing – Improves internal wear life by over 25% than sealed track – Track noise is reduced because there is no metal to metal contact between the pin and bushing – The grease lubricant prevents frozen or seized track joints – Overall system wear life is enhanced due to sprocket wear improvements 13

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