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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading


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No. 9 Auto Patrol — 1931 No. 11 — 1934 Diesel No. 12 — 1938 Efficiency. Productivity. Cost per ton. While these terms may not have been familiar to those who invented the first motor grader in the early 1900s, this revolutionary piece of earthmoving equipment certainly had an effect on them. Replacing a horse-drawn implement with a self-propelled model improved earthmoving by leaps and bounds. And when Caterpillar entered the marketplace in 1928, innovations and new product introductions quickly put Caterpillar in a leadership position. Motor grader development is credited to the Russell...

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 3

New Cat® products and innovations continued with: • Tandem tires, introduced in 1933, and Cat diesel engines, introduced in 1934. • The Diesel No.12, a line introduced in 1938 that still exists today. • The No.16, which was the largest of its kind when it was introduced in 1963, weighing in at 21 092 kilograms (46,500 pounds). • The six-model G Series, which brought the advantages of an articulated frame to the motor grader market when it was introduced in 1973. • The H Series, launched in 1995, which offered the first all-wheel drive machines in the 143H and 163H. • The largest Cat motor...

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The 24M motor grader is designed to meet the specialized requirements of large mining operations, particularly those maintaining haul roads for trucks with capacities of 172 tonnes (190 tons) or more. Easy serviceability is a key feature in the M Series, with grouped service points for reduced maintenance time, ground level service access wherever possible, and a bolton rear axle to provide easy access to components. Extended service intervals, automatic lubrication, and fast fill and drain capabilities for fluids also contribute to easier maintenance.

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 5

performance Our mining customers measure profitability by the ore they produce — and the more costeffectively they do that, the more successful they are. There are dozens of variables that impact operations, and mines continually look for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs to improve their bottom line. While drills, draglines, loaders and haul trucks are responsible for producing ore, motor graders have a direct impact on how productively these machines can operate — in particular in their role in haul road maintenance. Motor graders help create and maintain constant grade and...

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 6

1. round-level service points G make maintenance easier and safer for technicians. 2. he forward view made possible T by a unique raised cab design and one-piece front window improves operator visibility. 3. n engine shutoff switch is A located at ground level to allow anyone nearby to shut it down in case of an emergency. 4. rouped filter locations are G standard to minimize movement around the machine. 5. urable steel tandem walkways D cover both wheels to create a more stable surface. 6. etect, a capability set of Cat® D MineStar™ System, includes a number of sensing and reporting...

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 7

Our customers consider the safety of their workers a top priority. And we’re doing our best to help them meet their safety goals. Caterpillar considers the safety of everyone in, on or around Cat equipment when we build new products or develop enhanced safety features for existing products. Cat motor graders are designed with protection in mind. We’ve installed grab irons, handrails and steel tandem walkways to help make access and egress safer. Integrated safety features like an operator presence system, hydraulic lockout, ground level engine shut-off and backup alarm enhance safety for...

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 8

operators When our customers asked us to make our motor graders simpler to learn and easier to operate, we responded with the biggest development in motor grader design in the last 50 years. Our revolutionary cab makes the Cat motor grader the most operator friendly machine of its kind. One of the most significant changes is in the control system. Joysticks replace the traditional levers to deliver precise control and unmatched ease of operation. This revolutionary feature integrates the steering functions into two electro-hydraulic joystick controls. The control pattern is extremely...

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 9

By polishing the skills of experienced operators and properly training new ones, our customers can maximize the potential of their Cat equipment. Caterpillar operator training programs offer hands-on and simulator training as well as e-learning opportunities for every level of skill.

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 10

practices Social and environmental responsibility is a way of life at Caterpillar. It’s mandated in our Code of Conduct that we follow sustainable policies and practices in the way we design, engineer and manufacture our products. Our customers, too, make running a safe and environmentally responsible business a top priority. They want engines that burn less (or different) fuel, machines that work more productively and job sites that are more efficient. Some want to repair, rebuild and upgrade their current equipment instead of buying new. And we’re committed to finding solutions that...

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 11

The 16M motor grader represents a revolution in operational efficiency, visibility, service ease and overall productivity. Designed and manufactured specifically for the 16M, the direct drive countershaft transmission is matched with the powerful Cat C13 engine to maximize power to the ground. A modular rear axle and hydraulic brakes simplify serviceability and reduce operating costs. Conveniently located ecology drains shorten service times and help keep the environment safe by preventing spills. emissions reduction regulations and are poised to take on tomorrow’s challenges as well. We...

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Cat® Mining Motor Grader: Smart Grading - 12

machines The last decade has seen a revolution in technologies — those that are improving the way mine sites operate and those that will be the foundation for work of the future. Caterpillar is exploring every innovation and leveraging those that are proven to benefit customers by improving safety and sustainability, lowering costs, increasing profitability and boosting efficiency. Productivity solutions like AccuGrade™ and Cat Grade Control increase accuracy, drive efficiency and enhance safety — delivering value to the bottom line. Grade control technologies automatically control the...

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