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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 1

Dimensions/Working Ranges Electrical Bucket Capabilities 76-116 m3 100-152yd3 IGBT-AFE Inverter Cabinets 4 or 5 Water-Cooled Boom Lengths 109.7-132.5 m 360-435 ft Hoist Motors 6to 8x 1230 kW 6 to 8 x 1,650 hp Rated Suspended Load 226,800-344,736 kg 500,000-760,000 lb Drag Motors 6to 8x 1230 kW 6to 8 x 1,650 hp Approximate Working Weight 5.8-7.5 million kg 13.1-15.9 million lb Swing Motors 7to 10x 932 kW 7 to 10 x 1,250 hp

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 3

Offering the highest levels of overburden removal productivity at the lowest total cost per tonne (ton), the 8750 is the flagship model of the Cat dragline product line. The first dragline of any kind to be successfully equipped with AC IGBT drive systems, we developed this superior technology for the sole purpose of making your workday more productive, predictable, and most importantly, safe. 3

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 4

AC Electrics More reliable and efficient electrics Tried and True AC IGBT Electric Drive System, Now on Mining Equipment’s Largest Platform You will experience greater machine uptime, lower operating costs, and faster cycle times with our AC dragline designs that leverage institutional knowledge built on 30 years of experience commissioning more than 200 AC equipped machines worldwide. Benefits over DC Machines • Superior availability – Routinely demonstrated electrical availabilities of greater than 95%. – Extended mean time between failures, and reduced mean time to repair. • Better...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 5

AC Technology Optimizing your AC system performance and reliability, we’ve incorporated the latest in AC technology and utilized the most durable components available. Motion Regulator Control (MRC) • Sturdy, mine-grade cabinet mounted on a self supporting steel structure encloses all power and control electronics. • AFE, rather than rectifiers, convert AC to DC power. • Fuseless IGBT modules in AFEs and inverter. • Onboard maintenance computer is easy to troubleshoot, quickly identifies faults, and provides instructions to resolve issues. • Major control and power electrics are derived...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 6

Operator’s Cab Maximize your performance with enhanced safety and comfort features 6

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 7

Comfort Infused, State-of-the-art Operator’s Cab and Station Providing more comfort, added safety, and greater reliability, our newly designed state-of-the-art operator’s cab will help you produce more. The product of a multi-year collaboration with mining companies from across the globe, our Design Engineers, armed with insights into the aspects most desired by you, have designed what we believe to be the most comfortable and productivity-enhancing operator’s cab in the industry. • Improved operator performance – Reduced cognitive fatigue and enhanced productivity via the intuitive...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 8

Mechanical Systems Maximizing your uptime with durable and dependable mechanical systems 8

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 9

Keeping You Up and Running with Meticulously Engineered and Globally Proven Mechanical Systems Reliability you’ve come to depend on, our dragline mechanical systems have proven field history in mine sites across the globe, from the extreme heat of Australia to the frigid temperatures of Canada. Swing Machinery • Highly reliable swing planetary transmission and output pinion. • Interchangeable parts across all swing drives. • Potential for machine to operate with removal of one swing unit (typical maintenance). • Cooler/filtration unit plumbed to each planetary gearcase. Controlled and...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 10

Major Structures Bolstering your life-of-mine investment with robust and durable dragline structures Rugged Structures Designed and Fabricated to Withstand Your Extreme Mining Conditions To extend service life and ultimately reduce your maintenance cost, all major dragline structures are designed for durability and dependability. Extended performance in the harsh mining conditions you face daily is accomplished through selection of high-strength steels, and rugged castings, joined and thermally stress-relieved to create a reliable shell capable of the most productive surface extraction...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 11

Revolving Frame Assembly Boom Assembly • Deep, rectangular frame structure, running full length of assembly. • Integrated thick rail pad circumferential diaphragm sub-weldment, UT tested, and ground. • Thick integrated plates for support of main machinery. • Penetrations reinforced with through thickness plates as determined per FEA. • Rectangular, deep cross section geometry, constructed of high strength wide flange beams. • Pre-stretched galvanized main support ropes with equalizers. Kevlar intermediate boom support ropes . • Drop down stabilizer rope to mitigate dynamics in main support...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 12

Cat® MineStar™ System and Technology Solutions Evolving your mine for greater safety and productivity Helping You Enhance Safety and Productivity through Technology Aimed at enhancing the productivity and profitability of your dragline, we currently offer a combination of Cat MineStar System offerings and Cat dragline technology solutions. Cat MineStar System Helping you achieve your goals for enhanced mine site safety, improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, and greater profitability, the Cat MineStar System provides the most comprehensive suite of mining technology products in the...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 13

The Cat 8750 dragline is currently able to utilize two of the Cat MineStar System capability sets: • Fleet – Fleet provides real-time machine tracking, assignment and productivity management, providing a comprehensive overview of all your asset operations from anywhere in the world. • Terrain – Terrain enables high-precision management of drilling, dragline, grading and loading operations through the use of guidance technology. It increases machine productivity and provides you real-time feedback for improved efficiency. The remaining Cat MineStar System capability sets are currently under...

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Cat® 8750 DRAGLINE RANGE - 14

Dragline Model Selection Maximizing your return on investment and optimizing your dragline performance Dragline Model Recommendations Grounded in Analysis and Collaboration Protecting your investment and ensuring that you achieve your cost per ton targets, we have on-staff Application Engineers and a new dragline optimization process to help determine the dragline configuration optimally suited for your application. Application Engineering • Specialize in analyzing mine environments and applying findings to recommendations for new draglines configured specifically to meet your productivity...

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