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Steam shovels like these — the predecessors of today’s Cat® mining shovels — played a major role in public works in the 19th and early 20th centuries, being key to the construction of railroads and the Panama Canal. Many were built on railroad chassis, on which the boiler and engines were mounted. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, in far left photo, posed on a steam shovel during his visit to the Panama Canal site in 1906. b

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Our experience building large earthmoving shovels began more than 130 years ago. Since that first steam shovel built in 1882, we have focused on finding new and innovative ways to improve our products. Through different power sources, applications and even company names, the one common thread has been our dedication to giving our customers better and more productive digging and loading tools. This dedication has helped make mining shovels what they are today. We pioneered the electric rope shovel for mining, building the first all-electric AC-driven machine of its kind. We were one of the...

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Enhanced visibility is a key safety feature of the standard cabs in our electric rope shovels. The floor window and windshield allow vertical visibility from the crawler tracks to the boom point sheaves.

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p e r s o n co u n t s You’ve told us that keeping people safe is your No. 1 goal. And we’re committed to doing all we can to help you in this effort. The safety of everyone who works in, on or around Cat equipment is our top priority. We strive to meet the industry’s most rigorous safety standards. For example, many of our Cat Hydraulic Mining Shovels are designed to meet the Australian Division of Resources and Energy’s Mining Design Guidelines, with standard features that provide reduced fire risk, increased visibility and operator comfort, and safer maintenance areas. We also...

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co u n t s Innovation has been the driving force behind Cat mining shovels — from early models powered by steam, to today’s diesel- and electric-powered models with advanced hydraulics and dozens of productivity-enhancing features. Cat Electric Rope Shovels incorporate a number of design breakthroughs to increase productivity and reliability. Like the all-new Cat Power Demand Management System, which allows customers to more efficiently run rope shovels on generators when working without an electrical grid, saving time and money while keeping production steady. The system manages rope...

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Cat Mining Shovels incorporate a number of advanced, productivity-enhancing features and leverage the latest technologies to improve safety, loading accuracy and overall mine operations. Features like the unique TriPower system, shown in the two photos on the right, give our hydraulic front shovels more stability and power when digging. the industry’s first hydraulic crowd system with a hydraulic cylinder inside the tubular dipper handle, maintains all the benefits of the Cat front end while eliminating the need for routine crowd and retract rope replacements — improving safety and cutting...

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co u n t s In the mining industry, a high degree of productivity is the key to a profitable operation. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure you get maximum production from your primary loading tools. Our patented FastFil electric rope shovel dippers fill up quickly with no empty pockets, getting the most from every cycle. FastFil dippers are trapezoidal, which eliminates the void that occurs at the back of a traditional dipper.   n some I applications, this helps them achieve fill factors greater than 100 percent in sizes up to 65 cubic yards (49.7 cubic meters). Our front-shovel...

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co u n t s Mining operations come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the material, deposit size, infrastructure, accessibility — and numerous other factors — your equipment fleet can range from one small shovel and a few haul trucks to hundreds of machines working in tandem to remove ore and overburden. That’s why we strive to provide the right digging and loading tools to meet any need. Caterpillar offers the widest mining shovel payload range in the industry, with dippers and buckets ranging from 9 cubic yards (7 cubic meters) to 82 cubic yards (62.7 cubic meters ). We also provide...

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Our broad range of hydraulic mining shovels —  from backhoes to front shovels, diesel or electric drive — ensures there’s a Cat loading tool for every application, altitude and climate.

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co u n t s Reducing costs is a key focus of today’s mining operations. Beyond the initial purchase price of a piece of mining equipment, maintenance costs and lost productivity due to downtime can add up quickly and hurt the bottom line. That’s why Cat mining shovels strive to lower your total cost of ownership. All major structures are built of durable, high-quality steel and welded for maximum strength. The long life of both the machine and its components results in an exceptional amount of material moved over its lifetime. Our electric rope shovels use AC IGBT electronics, which offer 98...

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Global Dealer Network We’ve built an extensive network of nearly 200 locally owned businesses in over 200 countries. So wherever you operate, there is a dealer nearby to provide worldclass service and support for your Cat equipment. To locate a dealer, visit 12

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Loading tools are the primary tool on a mine site. When they are down, production comes to a standstill. You need a support system that can deliver reliability and availability to ensure you meet your production goals. One of the greatest values to owning a Cat machine is the network that supports it. From service and support to the purchase of new equipment, there’s only one place you call — your Cat dealer. Our dealers operate as nearly 200 individual local businesses — each one fully embedded in and committed to its own geographic area. You work with people you know, people who know your...

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