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793D - 1

Weights - Approximate Operating Weight Operating Specifications Nominal Payload Capacity 218 tonnes 240 tons Body Capacity - Dual Slope

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793D - 2

793D Mining Truck Engineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last. Power Train – Engine The Cat® 3516B High Displacement EUI engine delivers the power and reliability necessary to perform in the most demanding applications. Designed for efficient operation, the 3516B offers excellent fuel efficiency, lower emissions, reduced engine noise and lower operating costs. pg. 4 Power Train – Merchandising Arrangements The 793D is available in four different normal altitude configurations and one arrangement for high altitude operations. All configurations include key components...

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793D - 3

Engine/Power Train Integration Caterpillar Brake System Caterpillar truck frames are built to optimize torsional load displacement. Mild steel provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads. Castings and forgings in high stress areas provide exceptional strength and durability for long life. pg. 7 The Cat Data Link electronically combines engine, transmission, brake and operational information to optimize overall truck performance. Stored diagnostic data can be accessed via the Electronic Technician (Cat ET) to improve troubleshooting and reduce downtime. pg. 8 Cat...

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793D - 4

Power Train – Engine The Cat 3516B High Displacement engine is built for power, reliability and efficiency for superior performance in the toughest applications. Electronic Unit Injection (EUI). The electronically controlled unit injection fuel system senses operating conditions and regulates fuel delivery for optimum fuel efficiency. The proven high-pressure fuel system provides improved response times and more efficient fuel burn with lower emissions and less smoke. Electronic Control Module (ECM). ECM utilizes advanced engine management software to monitor, control and protect the engine...

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793D - 5

Power Train – Merchandising Arrangements Five configurations are performance matched to meet specific applications and conditions. Merchandising Arrangements. The 793D is available in four different normal altitude configurations, and a high altitude arrangement. All configurations deliver increased speed on grade and include key components that are performance matched to the hauling application and site conditions. Standard Arrangement. The standard arrangement is designed for exceptional, all-around performance. Three factors combine to produce up to 9% more power at the wheels than the...

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793D - 6

Power Train – Transmission Cat mechanical power train delivers more power to the ground for greater productivity and lower operating costs. • Lock-Up Clutch. Quickly releases and re-engages to reduce power train torque loads for smoother shifting, long life and a more comfortable ride. • Smooth Shifting. Individual clutch modulation provides smooth clutch engagements to optimize performance and extend clutch life. 3) Final Drives. Cat final drives work as a system with the planetary power shift transmission to deliver maximum power to the ground. Built to withstand the forces of high torque...

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793D - 7

Structures Rugged Cat structures are the backbone of the 793D mining truck’s durability. Box-Section Design. The 793D frame uses a box-section design, incorporating two forgings and 24 castings in high stress areas with deep penetrating and continuous wrap-around welds to resist damage from twisting loads without adding extra weight. • Steel Structures. Mild steel used throughout frame provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads, even in cold climates, and allows for easy field repairs. • Castings. Castings have large radii with internal reinforcing ribs to dissipate...

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793D - 8

Engine/Power Train Integration Electronically combines critical power train components to work more intelligently and optimize overall truck performance. Engine Control Module (ECM) Sensors Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) Integrated Braking Control (IBC) Transmission/Chassis Control (TCC) Transmission Wheel Sensor Brakes CAT Data Link Cat Data Link. Electronically integrates machine computer systems to optimize overall power train performance, increase reliability and component life, and reduce operating costs. Controlled Throttle Shifting. Regulates engine rpm during shifting to reduce...

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793D - 9

Programmable Top Gear. Transmission top gear maximum can be set using the Cat ET service tool to help the operator maintain speed limits. Anti-Hunt Function. Minimizes shifting by not allowing the transmission to up or down shift immediately after a shift has occurred. This prevents gear hunting when operating near a shift point and minimizes transmission shifting for increased component life. Downshift Inhibitor. Prevents engine overspeeding by keeping the transmission from downshifting until engine speed reaches the downshift point. Electronic Technician (Cat ET). Cat ET service tool...

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793D - 10

Caterpillar Brake System Reliable braking with superior control gives the operator the confidence to focus on productivity. Long Life. An oil film prevents direct contact between the discs. This design absorbs the braking forces by shearing the oil molecules and carrying heat away to extend brake life. Pistons. The Caterpillar two-piece piston design combines the service, secondary, parking brake and retarding functions in the same system. The primary piston hydraulically actuates both service and retarding functions. The secondary piston is spring-applied and held in the disengaged...

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793D - 11

Service Brake Sensor Engine Sensor HARC HARC Switch Brakes Service Brakes Axle Speed Sensor TCS Faster Speeds. HARC allows the operator to maintain optimum engine speeds for faster downhill hauls and greater productivity. • Less chance for engine overspeed • Smoother engagement Superior Control. Automatic brake modulation offers a smoother ride and better control in slippery conditions, allowing the operator to concentrate on driving. • No loping • Less air system demand • Reduces operating costs HARC Production Advantages. Ease of Operation. HARC increases operating ease, resulting in...

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