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785D - 1

Weights - Approximate Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) 249 476 kg 550,000 lb

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785D - 2

The 785D Mining Truck is engineered for performance, designed for comfort, and built to last. Developed specifically for high production mining and construction applications, the 785D Mining Truck keeps material moving at high volume to lower your cost-per-ton. Rugged construction creates a durable machine. Easy maintenance procedures ensure high reliability and long life with low operating costs.

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785D - 3

Power Train - Engine The Cat® 3512C HD engine delivers high power and reliability. The 3512C HD is a 12-cylinder, four-stroke design that uses long, effective power strokes for more complete fuel combustion and optimum fuel efficiency. Where applicable, the 3512C engine is compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission requirements. Altitude Compensation Designed for maximum operating efficiencies at altitudes under High Torque Rise The 23 percent net torque rise provides unequalled lugging force during acceleration, on steep grades and in rough underfoot conditions. Torque...

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785D - 4

Power Train - Transmission Unmatched operating efficiency in all mining conditions. Mechanical Power Train The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provides unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions, and on haul roads with high rolling resistance. The Cat six-speed planetary power shift transmission is matched with the direct-injection 3512C engine to deliver constant power over a wide range of operating speeds. Robust Design Designed to efficiently apply the higher horsepower of the 3512C engine, the proven planetary...

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785D - 5

VIMS Main Module Engine/Power Train Integration Electronically optimizes overall truck performance. Cat Data Link Electronically integrates machine computer systems to optimize overall power train performance, increase reliability and component life, and reduce operating costs. Electronic Technician (Cat ET) Cat ET service tool provides service technicians with easy access to stored diagnostic data through the Cat Data Link to simplify problem diagnosis and increase machine availability. Integrated Braking Control (IBC) IBC integrates Automatic Retarder Control and Traction Control into one...

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785D - 6

Rugged Cat designs are the backbone of the 785D mining truck's durability. Box-Section Design The 785D frame uses a box-section design, incorporating two forgings and 24 castings in high stress areas with deep penetrating and continuous wrap-around welds to resist damage from twisting loads without adding extra weight. The open box-section frame design allows easy access to power train components, reducing overall removal and installation time, and lowering overall repair costs. The raised and pinned body allows excellent access to the transmission. Steel Structures Mild steel used...

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785D - 7

Operator’s Station Designed for operator safety and comfort, superior control and high productivity. Enhanced Operator Visibility Through the use of the fully Integrated Object Detection System, RADAR AND CAMERA, the operator can receive both audible and visual indications of detected objects. Ergonomic Layout The 785D operator station is ergonomically designed for total machine control in a comfortable, productive and safe environment. All controls, levers, switches and gauges are positioned to maximize productivity and minimize operator fatigue. Quiet Cab Integral, sound-suppressed...

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785D - 8

Superior control gives the operator confidence to focus on productivity. Integrated Braking System The Cat oil-cooled braking system delivers reliable performance and superior control in the most extreme haul road conditions. Automatic brake modulation offers a smoother ride and better control in slippery conditions, allowing the operator to concentrate on driving. The two piston design system combines the service, secondary, parking brake and retarding functions in the same robust system for optimum braking efficiency. Four Corner Retarding Four corner retarding with 60/40 percent split...

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785D - 9

Truck Body Systems Caterpillar designed and built for the toughest mining applications. Matching the truck body to the application is a critical part of achieving the best value from your 78 5D. Caterpillar offers a variety of application specific body options that yield a payload ranging from 131 to 143 metric tons (144 to 157 tons). The Caterpillar exclusive 10/10/20 payload guidelines help achieve a balance of excellent payload with safe operation. Body Options 1) Cat "X" Body - The X body is a heavy duty body configured with a variety of liner options to meet site specific requirements...

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785D - 10

Monitoring System Vital machine health and payload data keeps the 785D performing. VIMS® Monitoring System The Caterpillar designed machine monitoring system provides critical machine health and payload information to the operator and service personnel. With the system monitoring and the advanced diagnostic ability, VIMS simplifies troubleshooting and reduces downtime by identifying abnormal conditions before they cause damage. VIMS also stores machine data to help manage production and utilize the efficiency Preventative Maintenance. Production Management Production Management enhances...

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785D - 11

Cat mining machines and systems: Safety is priority one. Product Safety Caterpillar has been and continues to be proactive in developing mining machines that meet or exceed safety standards. Safety is an integral part of all machine and system designs. Improvements for machine level access and egress include a standard 600 mm (24 in) diagonal stairway across the front of the machine. Improvements for ground level access include an optional powered access stairway. Integrated Object Detection Systems Object Detection Systems are factory installed as standard equipment on 785D mining trucks....

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785D - 12

A variety of features improve sustainability in areas of decreasing waste, extending component life and lowering emissions levels. Sustainabilty Features The 785D Mining Truck offers oil renewal systems, continuous rear axle filtration, extended life filters and extended maintenance intervals which aid in decreasing the amount of waste contributed to our environment. Engines with Advanced Technology Engines with advanced technology contribute less emissions to the environment while maintaining fuel Advanced Surface Technology (AST) Advanced Surface Technology (AST) is a replacement for hard...

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