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775G - 1

Off-Highway Truck Engine (Tier 4 Final) Engine Model Gross Power – SAE J1995 Net Power – SAE J1349 Engine (Tier 2 Equivalent) Engine Model Gross Power – SAE J1995 Net Power – SAE J1349 Weights – Approximate (Tier 4 Final) Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Weights – Approximate (Tier 2 Equivalent) Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Operating Specifications (Tier 4 Final) Nominal Payload Class (100%) Maximum Working Payload (110%) Not to Exceed Payload (120%)* Body Capacity – SAE 2:1 Operating Specifications (Tier 2 Equivalent) Nominal Payload Class (100%) Maximum Working Payload (110%) Not to Exceed Payload (120%)* Body Capacity – SAE 2:1 • Capacity with dual slope body – no liner. * Refer to the Caterpillar 10/10/20 Payload Guidelines for maximum gross machine weight limitations.

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775G - 2

Features G Series Customer Requirements – meet safety and regulatory requirements – machine available when scheduled to work – performance that promotes low owning and operating costs – provide an operating environment that enhances productivity G Series Quality G Series is backed by comprehensive virtual validation, prototype testing and 33,000 hours of work in the hands of customers prior to production. G Series Performance The 775G has 5% more power and new transmission controls that convert power to work with automotive-quality shifting and comfort. G Series Economics G Series...

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775G - 3

The Operator Experience Best in the industry Operator Confidence • Ergonomics that put controls within reach New braking performance and design Engine braking option for Automatic Retarding Control Improved retarder lever ergonomics and activation Mirror options including heated and concave Seating that adjusts to individual needs with suspension and three point harness Seating for trainer or folds up for additional work space In-cab fluid level monitoring Machine event warnings and messaging Operator Comfort • Industry leading access system, with low effort climbing and three points of...

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775G - 4

Intelligent application of power and technology Power The Cat C27 ACERT diesel engine is delivering 5% additional power to the drive train. As a result, new and more robust drive train components, including a larger drive shaft and differential gears have been designed to handle the power. Technology G Series introduces a new planetary powershift transmission control strategy called APECS. APECS takes the benefits of ECPC (Electronic Clutch Pressure Control) and adds part throttle shifting and torque shift management. The result is exceptionally smooth automotive-type shifting and ride...

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775G - 5

Fuel Saving Strategies Solutions that support your lowest cost per ton Fuel Saving Strategies • Standard Economy Mode – G Series can adjust engine power based on your individual needs. With this feature, fuel savings are achieved by reducing power between 0.15 to 15 percent. Adaptive Economy Mode – New for G Series – requires a baseline for production from you. As the truck goes through the haul cycle, it constantly evaluates your baseline against opportunities to reduce power and save fuel. It’s fully automatic with no special operation required. Speed Limiting – while you can continue to...

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775G - 6

Structural Integrity Designed for years of off-road service New Brake Design G Series has increased the number of springs in its brake design. This increases the force available to disengage the brakes ensuring clearances are maintained, reducing wear. A new brake wear indicator can be found on the rear wheels to help you monitor brake life. Extending brake life can also be achieved by choosing the optional Cat Engine Brake. This Caterpillar design works in conjunction with the automatic retarder control (ARC) to slow the machine. Rear Wheel Steel Spindles G Series wheel spindles are solid...

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775G - 7

Power Train Application specific designs for industry leading performance Engine G Series trucks retain the highly productive and reliable Cat C27 ACERT diesel engine. • With a 5% boost in power, the C27 is delivering higher torque for work. With the precision and responsiveness of Cat MEUI™ fuel injectors and electronic controls, the C27 accurately controls fuel, emissions and performance. The C27 is carefully balanced with vibration controls that reduce noise and protect against unnecessary wear. The C27 is cooled by either a demand fan (standard on Tier 4 Final) or conventional cooling...

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775G - 8

Emission Controls Major improvements for air quality using simple to use, reliable solutions Tier 4 Final Emission Controls Caterpillar offers a simple and robust U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final passive solution. Other than normal maintenance, this system requires no additional input or intervention by the operator. NOx Reduction Supported by cleaner burning, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and low ash oils, Caterpillar uses its engine-mounted NOx Reduction System (NRS) Technology to cool combustion chamber temperatures to control NOx production. PM Reduction Located on top of the engine are two diesel...

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775G - 9

G Series Body Strategy Bodies to meet your application and material needs Caterpillar has made it easier to get the right body for your materials and job site needs. The 775G has a Dual Slope, a Flat Floor and a Quarry body option. Our base Flat Floor and Dual Slope bodies have a 20 mm (0.78 in), 400 BNH steel floor. Adding a steel or rubber liner is optional for those applications when you are working with highly abrasive or high impact materials. Our Quarry body has a 25 mm (0.98 in), 400 BNH steel floor and is designed specifically for limestone applications without additional liners....

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775G - 10

Machine Information and Monitoring Lowering your cost per ton with vital fleet information Your G Series truck has the ability to communicate (and receive) valuable information. Information that can lead you to producing at a lower cost per ton. Instrument Cluster The instrument cluster is used primarily by the operator for quick and simple machine information at a glance. This display also warns the operator with solid lights (Category 1 Warnings) or flashing lights (Category 2 or 3 Warnings) as well as an audible alarm when an event is occurring. Cat Advisor Display The Advisor Display...

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