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773E - 1

Engine Approximate Weights - Dual Slope Engine Model Cat® 3412E Gross vehicle 99 300 kg 219,0001b Operating Specifications Nominal Payload Class 55.5 tonnes 61 tons

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773E - 2

773E Features Operator Station Controls and gauges are positioned for productivity and comfort. Includes an air suspension seat and advanced electronic monitoring system. Power Train – Engine Features the 3412E diesel engine and HEUI™ for efficient operation. Power Train – Transmission The Cat seven-speed, power shift transmission gets the job done smoothly and quickly. Engine/Power Train Integration Cat Data Link System electronically combines engine, transmission, brake and operational information for optimum truck performance. Oil-Cooled, Rear Disc Brakes Designed and built for reliable,...

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773E - 3

Operator Station Control ease and comfort maximize productivity Ergonomic Controls at the Operator’s Fingertips The ROPS/FOPS cabin has electric power window, electro-hydraulic hoist lever, trainer’s seat, front brake cut-off switch, backlit LED gear numbers, and optional heater and air conditioner. The hoist lever is electro-hydraulic and fingertip actuated, providing low impact body-down snubbing. Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) – Critical Data in Three Separate Displays (1) Four-gauge cluster – coolant temperature, oil temperature, brake air pressure, fuel level (2) Tachometer,...

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773E - 4

Power Train – Engine Cat 3412E Turbocharged engine with a HEUI™ fuel system Cat 3412E Air to Air After Cooled Diesel Engine 1 The four stroke design uses long power strokes for complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency. High displacement/low speed rating extends engine life and meets China Nonroad Stage II Emissions Standards. 1) Valve Rotators 2) Turbocharger 4) Steel-Backed, Copper-Bonded Bearings 5) Oil Cooler 6) Forged Crankshaft 7) Adjustment-Free, Fuel Injection Pumps 8) Hydraulic Injectors 9) Forged Steel Pistons 10) Full-length, Water-Cooled Cylinder Liners 40 Percent Torque...

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773E - 5

Power Train – Transmission The Cat transmission gets the job done smoothly and quickly. 1) Lock-up Torque Converter Extends Transmission Life and Increases Operator Comfort High rimpull and cushioned shifts with direct drive’s efficiency and performance. • Engages at approximately 6.9 km/h (4.3 mph), delivering more power to the wheels Quickly releases/re-engages during shifts, maintaining power wind-up 2) Cat Seven-Speed, Power Shift Transmission A modulating pressure valve regulates clutch pressure to ease clutch engagement, reducing shock loads. • Patented rotating clutch pressure seals...

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773E - 6

Engine/Power Train Integration Combining engine control module (ECM) with the transmission controller Integrating Systems Improves Performance Electronic control of the engine and transmission improves efficiency, lowers operating costs and extends machine life. Cat Data Link Integrates machine computer systems: • Controlled Throttle Shifting regulates engine speed during shifts to reduce driveline stress, and deliver smoother shifts and longer component life. Economy Shift Mode modifies engine maps for lower fuel consumption. Directional Shift Management regulates engine speed during...

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773E - 7

Oil-Cooled, Rear Disc Brakes Rear braking lets the operator concentrate on the haul road. Brakes 1) Parking/Secondary Piston, 2) Service/Retarding Piston, 3) Friction Discs, 4) Steel Plates, 5) Actuating Springs, 6) Cooling Oil In, 7) Cooling Oil Out Multiple Disc Brakes – Exceptional, Fade-Resistant Braking and Retarding Cat multiple disc brakes use continuous forced oil-cooling. The optional ARC and TCS utilize the oil-cooled rear brakes to enhance truck performance and increase productivity. Oil-Cooled Rear Disc Brakes Designed and built for reliable, adjustment-free operation providing...

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773E - 8

Automatic Retarder Control (ARC) Better machine control, greater production Increased operating efficiency with faster downhill speeds. By maintaining consistently higher engine speeds, average truck speed will be higher than a manually controlled truck. Excellent controllability and reduced operator effort. Automatic brake modulation provides a smoother ride over manual modulation, allowing the operator to focus more on truck operation down the haul road. Improved component life, optimized system cooling capability and reduced torque fluctuations result from ARC’s precision. Faster...

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773E - 9

Integrated Braking Control (IBC) Combines benefits of Automatic Retarding and Traction Control System Time (seconds) With Aiuiam ati c With Manual Retaider Control I Beiarder Control (a wage speed, I a verag e speed, Automatic Retarder Control (Optional) The ARC electronically controls braking on grade to maintain approximately 2,230 rpm (engine rpm is adjustable deactivated when the operator applies the brakes or throttle. Engine Overspeed Protection With the accelerator depressed and/or ARC turned off, ARC will automatically activate at 2,475 rpm to help avoid potentially destructive and...

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773E - 10

Truck Body Rugged body for varying applications Designed To Handle a Variety of Material Densities. Maximum payload in 3-5 passes with matched Cat loader in material over 1700 kg/m³ (2,900 lb/yd³). Truck Body Features • Sidewall and floor junctions use five-sided beams to resist impact loads and hauling stresses. Box-section beams increase durability in the floor, sidewalls, top rail, corner and cab canopy areas. 400 Brinell Steel wear surfaces provide excellent wear resistance and are easily cold welded. Two-stage hoist cylinders raise in 9.5 seconds, lower in 12.5 seconds. Standard Body...

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773E - 11

The backbone of the Cat off-highway truck Box-Section Design The 773E frame uses 20 castings in high stress areas with deep penetrating and continuous wrap-around welding. Mild steel provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads even in cold climates. Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) The ROPS attaches securely to four castings welded into the frame. Frame Features Include: • Integral front bumper and front box beams for suspension cylinder and ROPS support Box-section rear crossmember for body and ROPS support with attachment points for maintenance platform and rear...

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