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14M - 1

Motor Grader Cat® C11 ACERT™ VHP Base Power (1st gear) – Net VHP Range – Net VHP Plus Range – Net Gross Vehicle Weight – Base Total Front Axle Rear Axle Moldboard Blade Width

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14M - 2

14M Motor Grader The 14M delivers multiple technological breakthroughs to give you the best return on your investment. Operator Station A technologically advanced cab, featuring joystick controls, provides unmatched comfort and visibility. pg. 4 Integrated Electronic Solutions Full systems integration with advanced electronics including Cat® Messenger, AccuGrade™ blade control system and Cat ET, create a “Smart Machine” that optimizes performance and availability. pg. 14 Steering and Implement Controls Two joysticks offer precise control and unparalleled ease of operation. This advanced...

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14M - 3

Power Train An electronically controlled power shift The Cat® C11 engine combines power The electro-hydraulic load-sensing transmission assures smooth shifting management with ACERT™ Technology system provides the foundation for and maximum power to the ground. to deliver maximum power and efficiency advanced machine controls, enabling A modular rear axle and hydraulic in every gear while reducing the superior controllability and precise brakes simplify serviceability and environmental impact. pg. 12 and predictable hydraulic movements, reduce operating costs. pg. 10 with the reliability...

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14M - 4

Operator Station The 14M features a revolutionary cab design that provides unmatched comfort, visibility and ease of use, making the operator more confident and productive.

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14M - 5

Advanced Joystick Controls. Two electro-hydraulic joysticks reduce hand and wrist movement as much as 78% compared to conventional lever controls for greatly enhanced operator efficiency. The intuitive pattern is easy to learn and provides the precise implement control you expect from Caterpillar. Auxiliary Pod and Ripper Control. The optional ripper control and auxiliary control pod are ergonomically positioned to allow simple, comfortable operation for the multiple hydraulic options. Visibility. The 14M boasts excellent visibility to the work area, made possible with angled cab doors, a...

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14M - 6

Steering and Implement Controls The 14M sets the new standard for motor grader operational efficiency. Ease of Operation. The revolutionary joystick controls and exceptional visibility make the 14M easier to operate without sacrificing control. The intuitive joystick control pattern allows both new and experienced operators to become productive quickly. Logical grouping of hydraulic functions in the joysticks allow any operator to easily control several functions at the same time. This allows the operator to be more productive and remain comfortable throughout the work shift. Intuitive...

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14M - 7

1 – Ripper Control Pod. Infinitely variable roller switches control the rear ripper and/or front lift group (when equipped), for easy and comfortable control. Left Joystick Functions. The left joystick primarily controls the machine direction and speed. Right Joystick Functions. The right joystick primarily controls the Drawbar, Circle and Moldboard functions. 1 – Steering: Lean joystick left and right 1 – Right moldboard lift cylinder: Push joystick to lower, pull joystick to raise 2 – Articulation: Twist joystick left and right 3 – Articulation Return to Center: Yellow thumb button 4 –...

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14M - 8

Structures and Drawbar, Circle, Moldboard Durable structures with fast and simple DCM adjustments deliver precise material control while lowering operating costs. Front Frame Structure. The 14M front frame is a formed structural carbon steel tube. Advanced fabrication technology significantly reduces the number of weld joints, which more evenly distributes stress loads. The result is a robust machine that delivers the durability you expect from Caterpillar. Rear Frame Structure. The box-sectioned hitch design and cast axle mounting help resist torsion loads and ensure structural durability....

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14M - 9

Moldboard. The optimal curvature and large throat clearance help move material quickly and efficiently. Heat-treated moldboard rails, hardened cutting edges and end bits, and large diameter bolts assure reliability and longer service life. The moldboard side shift cylinder is positioned on the left side to eliminate snow wing interference. Moldboard Positioning. The blade link bar design extends the possibilities for moldboard positioning, most beneficial in mid-range bank sloping and in ditch cutting and cleaning. Top-adjust drawbar wear strips Shimless Moldboard Retention System. The...

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14M - 10

Power Train Integrated, electronically controlled systems, deliver smooth reliable performance with reduced operating costs. Smooth Shifting Transmission. The 14M combines several key innovations to ensure smooth, powerful shifts throughout the gear range. Electronically Controlled Shifting. The full Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) system optimizes inching modulation and smooths shifting between all gears and directional changes. This provides outstanding control and also extends the life of the transmission by reducing stress on the gears. Load Compensation. This standard feature...

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14M - 11

Inching Pedal. Allows precise control of machine movements in any gear with low pedal effort and excellent modulation, critical in close-quarter work or finish grading. Hydraulic Brakes. The oil bathed, multi-disc service brakes are hydraulically actuated (1), providing smooth predictable braking and lower operating costs. With brakes located at each tandem wheel, the 14M offers the largest total brake surface area in the industry (2), delivering dependable stopping power and longer brake life. Brake Serviceability and Reliability. An easily accessible brake wear indicator/compensator...

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14M - 12

Engine The 14M combines power management with ACERT™ Technology to deliver maximum power and efficiency while reducing the environmental impact. Power Management. The 14M Power Management System automatically delivers an additional five horsepower in each forward gear 1st through 4th, and each reverse gear 1st through 3rd. This standard feature optimizes rimpull for all gears by balancing traction, speed and horsepower while conserving fuel. The system limits horsepower in lower gears, which helps reduce wheel slip where traction is limited. With the Variable Horsepower Plus (VHP Plus)...

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