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Double Diaphragm Pump - 1

Coating Atomization Technologies 337 South Arthur Avenue, Louisville CO 80027 Phone: 888.820.4498, Fax: 303.438.5708

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Double Diaphragm Pump - 2

Installation The CAT Pump comes with a footed base for easy mounting in permanent installations. The pump should be mounted in a vertical position. In permanent installations, the pump should be attached to plant piping using flexible coupling on both the intake and discharge connections to reduce vibration to the pump and piping. To further reduce vibration, a surge suppressor next to the pump may be used. Suction pipe size should be at least 1/2 inch in diameter or even larger if highly viscous fluid is to be pumped. If suction hose is used, it must be of a non-collapsible reinforced...

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Double Diaphragm Pump - 3

Flow Rate Adjustable Pump Operation The pump is powered by compressed air. Compressed air is directed to the pump air chamber by the main air valve. The compressed air is separated from the fluid by a membrane called a diaphragm. The diaphragm in turn applies pressure on the fluid and forces it out of the pump discharge. While this is occurring, the opposite air chamber is depressurized and exhausted to atmosphere and fluid is drawn into the pump suction. The cycle again repeats, thus creating a constant reciprocating action that maintains flow through the pump. The flow is always in...

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Double Diaphragm Pump - 4

This equipment may generate fluid pressures equal to the air supply pressure. NEVER exceed the recommended air supply pressure of 100 psi (6.8 bar). ALWAYS shut-off air supply and disconnect from the pump before performing repair or maintenance to the pump. DO NOT put your face or body near the pump air exhaust while the pump is operating. Bleed all pressure from the discharge and suction lines before disconnecting the fluid suction or discharge lines from pump. DO NOT operate a pump that is leaking, damaged, corroded or otherwise unable to contain the internal fluid pressure. ALWAYS make...

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Double Diaphragm Pump - 5

Insert Sleeve Nipple 1/4 NPT

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Double Diaphragm Pump - 6

DESCRIPTION Pump Protector Tube Assembly Pressure Gage, Air Motor 0-100 psi Ball Valve 1/4" Air Motor Regulator Assembly

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Double Diaphragm Pump - 7

Indicates part included in repair kit # 10-159 Copper Latch Cylinder Body Diaphragm Pate Valve Insert

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Double Diaphragm Pump - 8

DIAPHRAGM CAT DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM PUMPS 70-1101 DD Pump Wall Mount 70-1102 DD Pump Cart Mount 70-1105 DD Pump 55 Gal Cover Mount 70-1104 With Agitator 70-1105 DD Pump 55 Gal Drum Mount 70-1106 WIth Agitator Color Change Manifold 70-266SS (1/2” Stainless)

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