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PRODUCT INFORMATION CATALYZER TM 2K 10:1 RATIO Pump The C.A.Technologies CATALYZER™ is an Air Assist Airless 2 component formulator. Catalyst and base material are pumped into a mixing chamber at 10 : 1 ratio and dispensed at air assist airless pressures for spray applications. The MIX GUARD™ is a unique feature of the CATALYZER™ which senses an “off ratio’’ condition in the mix chamber and shuts the unit off preventing under or over catalyzed material from being sprayed. Training videos are available at: PATENTS PENDING IMPORTANT! READ THE HAZARD WARNING INFORMATION AIR ASSIST AIRLESS OPERATES WITH FLUID PRESSURES UP TO 1500 PSI AND CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY IF IMPROPERLY USED. EVERYONE USING THIS EQUIPMENT MUST READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE SAFETY WARNINGS. C.A.Technologies 337 S. Arthur Ave. Louisville, CO 80027

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2 COMPONENT SPRAY SYSTEM START UP - PRIMING - SHUT DOWN - INSTRUCTION INITIAL START UP (figure 1) 1. 2. 3. 4. Turn pump pressure regulator completely off (counterclockwise) and close the air inlet ball valve. Attach the main air supply hose to the air inlet ball valve on the pump fluid pressure regulator. Attach fluid hose (YELLOW HOSE) to the quad valve outlet and gun fluid inlet. (figure 2) Attach gun air hose (RED HOSE) to ball valve at gun pressure regulator and to air inlet on gun. Ball valve should be closed and regulator backed off. (figure 3) 5. Add throat seal lubricant (91-36) to...

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Pump Pressure Regulator Main Air Inlet Ball Valve figure 1 Base Material Bypass Lever Catalyst Bypass Lever Mix Guard™ Control Knob Mixed Material Outlet Ball Valve Catalyst Port Closure Knob Quad Valve Base Material Port Closure Knob figure 2 Gun Air Ball Valve figure 3 Catalyst Drain Valve (52-151SS)

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2 COMPONENT SPRAY SYSTEM SHUT DOWN IMPORTANT: All mixed (catalyzed) material must be flushed from the quad valve, hose, and gun if pump will not be in use for longer than the pot life of the material being sprayed. 1. Reduce pressure to zero on both fluid pressure and air atomizing regulators. Close the air inlet ball valve. 2. Raise both red and black levers on quad valve to up position. 3. Rotate MIX GUARD™ control knob to OFF (prime and flush) position. 4. Lift siphon hose above the level of the base material. Open air inlet ball valve, increase pump pressure until pump strokes slowly...

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2 COMPONENT SPRAY SYSTEM CATALYZER TROUBLE SHOOTING PROCEDURE Prepare Pump for Tests: 1) Add fluid to catalyst tank, at least 2" fluid level depth. 2) Make sure you have fluid in base side. 3) Make sure mix guard knob is in off position. 4) Close material outlet ball valve and pressure relief ball valve. Prime Catalyst and Base Fluid Section: 1) Connect pump to air supply and open fluid air regulator to show 10 PSI to 20 PSI run pump and prime catalyst fluid section, raise and lower catalyst bypass lever until all air bubbles are purged. Check base material to insure all air is purged from...

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*Fan width is based on 10” gun to target distance. Material viscosity will influence fan width. **Opti-Tip is proven to help reduce micro-bubbles in primers and waterborne coatings and also provides optimized atomization of topcoats, primers and paints. Opti-Tips are available for orifices sizes 0.007 thru 0.013. Order P/N 36-XXX-F Opti-Tip.

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2 COMPONENT SPRAY SYSTEM Replacing the air motor rod seal/guide assembly The main air motor rod seal/guide assembly can be replaced without major disassembly of air motor. 1. Push the air motor rod up as high as possible. 2. Using a 7/16” wrench, remove the three hex head bolts and remove the seal retainer plate. The exposed end of the guide has a groove. Using two screw drivers, engage the groove and pry the seal/guide assembly out. 3. Lubricate o-ring (98-7035) and the new seal/guide assembly with petroleum jelly. Insert over air motor rod and into gland cavity. Caution! Use care not to...

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CATALYZER™ 2 COMPONENT SPRAY SYSTEM BASE PUMP 74-101-2K Items marked with * are included in #10-117 Repair Kit

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CATALYZER™ 2 COMPONENT SPRAY SYSTEM CATALYST PUMP 74-301-10 Items marked with * are included in #10-155 Repair Kit

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10 20 30Gun Regulator Pressure - PSI *Max pressure for HVLP 13 26 39Pump Output - Ounces per minute Compressed Air Requirements Minimum compressor size will vary with the application. Air requirements for the gun and pump must be added together for total air requirements. Example: Gun Regulator Setting 25 psi, scfm = 3.5 Pump fluid pressure is 1000 psi and cycle rate is 30, scfm = 1.75 Minimum compressor requirement: 3.5+1.75 = 5.25 scfm LIFETIME WARRANTY POLICY C.A.Technologies warrants to the original purchaser that products of our manufacture are free from defects in...

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