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C14 AAA - 1

PRODUCT INFORMATION C14 AAA FINE FINISH SERIES PUMP OUTFIT The C14 AAA pump system is an air assisted airless unit which combines airless and conventional or HVLP air atomization technologies to produce a very soft yet highly atomized spray pattern suitable for fine finish and high production work. The soft spray pattern has minimal overspray and results in excellent material transfer efficiency. Training videos are available at: http://www.spraycat.com/trainingvideos.html IMPORTANT! READ THE HAZARD WARNING INFORMATION AIR ASSIST AIRLESS OPERATES WITH FLUID PRESSURES UP TO 1500 PSI AND CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY IF IMPROPERLY USED. EVERYONE USING THIS EQUIPMENT MUST READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE SAFETY WARNINGS. C.A.Technologies 337 S. Arthur Ave. Louisville, CO 80027 www.spraycat.com

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C14 AAA - 2

HAZARD WARNINGS General safety The C14 AAA system is intended to be used by professional personnel only. Everyone using this equipment should read and understand all safety warnings. Do not exceed the maximum working pressure of this equipment. MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE IS 1500 PSI FLUID PRESSURE (107 psi to air motor). Do not modify this equipment. Always relieve fluid pressure to 0 psi before preforming maintenance. Make sure all fluid connections are tight before operating this equipment Operate this equipment only in a well ventilated area to prevent build up of toxic and or flammable...

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C14 AAA - 3

SETUP 1. Back the pump pressure regulator completely off (counterclockwise) and close the ball valve. Attach the main air supply hose to ball valve on the pump fluid pressure regulator. 2. Attach fluid hose (BLUE HOSE) at pump outlet and gun fluid inlet. 3. Attach gun air hose (RED HOSE) to ball valve at gun pressure regulator and to air inlet on gun. Ball valve should be closed and regulator backed off. 4. Attach siphon hose to the pump inlet and insert siphon hose strainer into material to be sprayed. BE SURE ALL CONNECTIONS ARE TIGHT OPERATION 1. Remove air cap and fluid tip from spray...

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C14 AAA - 4

Fluid tip selection chart Std. Tip # *Fan width is based on 10” gun to target distance. Material viscosity will influence fan width. **Opti-Tip is proven to help reduce microbubbles in primers and waterborne coatings and also provides optimized atomization of topcoats, primers and paints. Opti-Tips are available for orifices sizes 0.007 thru 0.013. Order P/N 36-XXX-F Opti-Tip. NOTE: Fluid and air hoses (items 9 & 10) are wrapped together * Siphon hoses 74-520 and 74-524 require 1/2” fluid inlet (P/N in a hose sleeve. Sleeve material may be purchased 74-118) see fluid section exploded...

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C14 AAA - 5

OPERATION 1. Connect air supply hose at handle of gun. 2. Connect hose from pump to gun fluid inlet. 3. The fluid shut-off knob locks the trigger and prevents gun operation when turned clockwise as far as possible. 4. Maximum pattern width is determined by tip selection. Turning the fan control knob counter clockwise will narrow the fan. Pattern is maximum when fan control knob is completely closed. 5. For HVLP compliance, do not exceed 15 psi air pressure at gun handle. MAINTENANCE NOTE: Complete gun disassembly is not recommended for normal cleaning and maintenance. IMPORTANT! Relieve gun...

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C14 AAA - 6

Repair Kit # 10-117 (Standard Repair Kit) Repair Kit # 10-117V (V-Packing Repair Kit) *Included in repair kit Disassembly from air motor Pump disassembly and service is easiest if first removed from air motor 1. Disconnect the fluid hose and siphon hose from the pump. 2. Remove the cotter pin and clevis pin connecting the pump and air motor. 3. Leave mounting plate and tie rods attached to the air motor. Loosen and remove the solvent cup using the 1/4” pin wrench provided. Pump disassembly It is recommended that repair kit #10-117 be on hand before starting pump repair. 1. Holding the pump...

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C14 AAA - 7

Repair Kit #10-163 *Included in repair kit (10-163) Upgrade Kit #10-165 (Converts any old model 14:1 pump to the new PEAK Model) ••Included in Upgrade Kit (10-165) Replacing the air motor rod seal/guide assembly The main air motor rod seal/guide assembly can be replaced without major disassembly of air motor. 1. Push the air motor rod up as high as possible. 2. Using a 7/16” wrench, remove the three hex head bolts and remove the seal retainer plate. The exposed end of the guide has a groove. Using two screw drivers, engage the groove and pry the seal/guide assembly out. 3. Lubricate o-ring...

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C14 AAA - 8

Gun Regulator Pressure - PSI *Max pressure for HVLP Pump Speed - Cycles per minute Compressed Air Requirements Minimum compressor size will vary with the application. Air requirements for the gun and pump must be added together for total air requirements. Example: Gun Regulator Setting 25 psi, scfm = 3.5 Pump fluid pressure is 1000 psi and cycle rate is 30, scfm = 1.75 Minimum compressor requirement: 3.5+1.75 = 5.25 scfm Note: Values are approximate and will vary depending on actual material viscosity. Training videos are available at: http://www.spraycat.com/trainingvideos.html

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