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AM CPR - 1

AM CPR AUTOMATIC SPRAY GUN PRODUCT INFORMATION AIR CAP AND FLUID NOZZLE CHART MODEL NO. Press/Siphon *MAX GUN INLET PRESS. FOR HVLP AVAILABLE FLUID NOZZLES TIPS NEEDLES/ marking on needle ‘Note: Air cap test gages are available to confirm HVLP compliance. Coating Atomization Technologies P.O. Box 17820, Boulder CO 80308 (888) 820-4498 Fax (303) 438-S708 _www.sprayCAT.com_

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AM CPR - 2

Operation and Maintenance Instructions for AM CPR Spray Guns Needle seal replacement Needle (16) replacement: 1. Remove fluid control knob (24) and locknut (23) 2. Remove spring seat (22) and needle return spring (21). 3. Needle can be pulled out of the back of the gun. Needle seal (8) replacement: 1. Remove fluid needle (16) as described above. 2. Remove rear cap (20), needle stop sleeve (19) and piston spring (18). 3. Remove piston (14). 4. Remove air spool (11) using an 3/4 socket wrench. 5. Needle seal assembly (8) can be removed from the air spool using a 3/8 wrench. Note: replacement...

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AM CPR - 3

ITEM NUMBER PART NUMBER ITEM NUMBER Needle Stop Sleeve See Air Cap Chart Fluid Nozzle Tip Fluid Nozzle Body Needle Return Spring Fluid Nozzle Carrier Spring Seat* Fluid Control Knob Needle Seal Assembly* PART NUMBER Fluid Seal* Fluid Insert § Fluid Insert Blank § Mounting Screw Fluid Manifold Block Allen Screw See Air Cap Chart Fluid Needle Piston Spring *Indicates items included in repair kit P/N 10-146 Air Manifold Block (Standard) Air Manifold Block (Cefla®) § See page 4 for explanation on possible gun assembly variation

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AM CPR - 4

The AM CPR guns can be configured for fluid circulation through the head or non-recirculation with fluid inlet from either side of manifold. For fluid circulation through the head, both left and right fluid inlet ports have p/n 66-253 installed. Inlet fluid can be introduced from either side of manifold. For non-recirculating guns, either the left or right inlet port must be blocked by p/n 66-253-B. Inlet fluid to the manifold will depend on which gun port is blocked. If the left gun port is blocked, the fluid inlet to manifold would be on right and vice versa. HAZARD WARNINGS General...

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